Big Choc Bikkie, Magnum Australia


I discovered much later in life that Magnum ice ream has a wide range of flavours outside Singapore. This should be unsurprising given that different markets have their own unique tastes. Last July, on a hungry evening in Melbourne, I craved for an ice cream and hunted for one in the local convenience store. When I looked down at the deep freezer, I saw a Magnum flavour that had the most interesting name: Big Choc Bikkie. Bikkie is a slang for “biscuit” and only in Australia have I ever heard this word. On the Magnum Australia website, this flavour is describe as:

Now you can enjoy the ultimate chocolate indulgence with smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream covered in thick, cracking milk chocolate studded with crunchy biscuit pieces.

This was like the Magnum Almond but quite different with the double chocolate; a full-on experience. The biscuits cut across the richness of the double dosage of cocoa but did not steal any of the chocolate away; it merely served as a texture and prevented the ice cream from getting too monotonous. I was so excited with this ice cream that I could not resist biting into it before realizing a picture was needed. But even then I was much too greedy to seek good lighting hence the grainy picture taken in the middle of a street. Trying a Magnum unique to a country is another wonderful and delicious way of discovering a country.!

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