Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen, Alexandria, Sydney


I went to Bread and Circus Wholefoods Canteen in Alexandria because I could not find The Grounds. It was way off my map and I was too tired to go on. So I went for the option closest to me. I had no idea Bread and Circus was some hippy bio-everything place but I do know that on Instagram, their tagged photos looked like fresh clean food was being served. When I arrived after a long walk, this place was packed! One would queue to make an order then find a seat at the many communal tables. The space was huge, and abuzz with the cheerful and happy people of Sydney.

When I first saw the menu, I nearly laughed out loud. There just seemed so much fluff: biodynamic food of sorts, organic stuff, grains of all sorts; it all seemed so pretentious and try-hard healthy. But I was there, cold and hungry, and the Foxy Winter Porridge (slow cooked pre-soaked dairy free organic oats w/ stewed rhubard and ginger, agave poached pear, honey-thyme walnuts and coconut sugar) sounded good. On the communal tables, bowls of brown sugar and plates of cutleries were for all to help themselves. Shortly after, my huge bowl of steaming porridge arrived.


Man oh man oh man, this bowl of porridge was so good! The warm porridge was so hearty; soft mushy oats mixed with large thin strips of dried coconut to provide texture. The poached pears were soft but still retained a bit. The ginger provided a good kick every now and then. The highlight of this bowl was the honey-thyme walnuts. Sweet and crunchy toasted walnuts thickly coated with honey. This bowl was so soothing and I savoured every bite of this delight. I immediately fell in love with poached fruits and oats, and for days after craved for the same bowl. Even if you don’t believe in the biodynamic fluff, you must visit this place just to have their delicious food.


There was also an array of pretty pink coffee grinders that proved to be too irresistable to me.



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