Katanashi Japanese Tapas Bar


For lunch this afternoon, my friend recommended me to Katanashi Japanese Tapas Bar on the other end of Boat Quay from Raffles Place. The little eatery offers lunch set menus for $12 net. The set lunch consist of a salad with sesame dressing, and sweet corn and fried shallots to doll up the green leaves. For the main course, choose one of seven protein dons such as chicken, salmon and tuna, and all are decorated with a soft-boiled egg. A bowl of weak miso soup will be served alongside. My friend and I both had the Karaage-Don (fried chicken with teriyaki sauce and kewpie). The teriyaki sauce could have benefited from more seasoning; it was my first time eating a muted Japanese sauce. I was desperate for some wasabi but did not want to trouble the Japanese staff. My supposed-soft boiled egg was severely undercooked while my friend’s was perfectly soft boiled but at least it wasnt bad tasting. The chicken was almost fried to death and too skinny. The pickles and seaweed were a nice though.

Having complained so much, it was still a delightful little eatery and there was no doubt the food was fresh and authentic. The Japanese staff were all so friendly and courteous; greeting and thanking me aloud. The handwritten menu was so cute with the sweet cat drawings. And it was a wonderful respite from the frentic Raffles Place; I ate with ease and did not have to worry about being rushed out to make way for others. I will definitely revisit and try my luck on another protein, probably a non-fried option.


Last weekend I was chatting about London with my friend, and he said, don’t you wish you were living there? No. Surprises like Katanashi would be so much harder to find, and everyday I am so glad I live in Singapore.


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