Chinese New Year 2014 Part 1

Three glorious days of feasting, gambling, and constantly surrounded by love. That was how I started my new year. I was utterly exhausted come Monday. Who knew sinning could be so tiring? However that did not deter me from spending my Monday afternoon in PS Cafe enjoying brunch with my best friend, and aimlessly walking around Orchard Road for five hours..

This year in particular the food astounded me. My Aunties’ cooking finesse was most clear to me this year. In every house I was greeted with a large table of food of every variety, and all cooked with the utmost love. Only perfect homely mostly-Chinese food was served. It was as if the aunties were secretly competing and seeing who could pull out all stops. While I was glad the weekend was over and I could finally take a break from eating, the spread and dedication my Aunts put in were most memorable.

For my family’s turn, my Mum order Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Meat who came down and catered food for us. It blew me away. Freshly roasted duck, chicken, roast pork, and braised beef brisket was served alongside perfectly cooked Wanton Noodles with a bite. Then there were these Wanton filled with nothing but juicy seasoned minced pork.

My body took a full two days to clean out the long week of food but it was all so worth it. Here are some pictures from last weekend.

Reunion Steamboat dinner at my 5th Uncle’s place. The preservative fishballs filled with mentaiko were most memorable.

On the first day, as per tradition, we visited my maternal grandmother who lives with my eldest Uncle. And there was homemade Apple Cider. The alcohol content was potent, the set up so ghetto, and couldnt be a better way to start the year. Also on offer was a Mongolian Goat’s Milk Wine that looked exactly like white wine but tasted nowhere close. It was a surprisingly smooth wine that left a minty refreshing aftertaste.

After that it was onwards to my paternal 5th Uncle’s house, and my Aunt cooked up a storm since 6am. So much was on offer that I could not finish trying all.


In the evening we hightailed to my paternal eldest Uncle’s house. My eldest Aunt surprised us with her delicious olive fried rice with crunchy peanuts. Her KL Hokkien Noodles were such a hit but it was the braised pork belly in black soy sauce that hit the spot for me. Thinly-sliced, lustrous belly that has been briased for hours in this thick rich soy sauce with hints of black vinegar and five spiced powder – very impressive. Her chicken curry was thick and coconuty, my favourite consistency for curry. Her Buddha Jump Over the Wall contained a large juicy chicken and hidden underneath were gems of abalone, pork belly, chinese mushrooms, and ginseng. Again, impossible to eat all.   


The next day, my 4th Uncle hosted us for lunch and dinner. A lot of people were craving for her prawn mee but it was her filipino-style spaghetti that really got me hooked. Minced chicken and button mushrooms in a subtle sweet spaghetti sauce. The homemade “Bubur Pulut Hitam“ refers to Black Glutinous Rice porridge, I coveted. Subtly sweet and so thick it was almost impossible to stir. The perfect dessert.


For dinner, there was a Penang buffet spread outdoor but indoor was where the feast laid. Homemade Laksa, more pork belly in soy sauce paired with the biggest fluffiest pau I ever had. Chicken and beef satay from Gim Moh Market was such a standout, and those Peach Buns filled with sweet lotus paste and salted egg yolk to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday were close to perfection. Just enough sweetness contrasting with the saltiness.



On Sunday, I gave up house visiting in the morning and afternoon as my stomach could take it no more and I had to prepare myself for….

Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Meat.

There was some serious meat overload.

My first bowl of meat on top of yellow perfect noodles.


Detoxed with my best friend on Monday at PS Cafe. The Chocolate Cake standard has dropped, the truffle fries portion have been significantly reduced but the ability to lay on the seat for a full two hours without being disturbed made it all so worth it.


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