Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee


Lunch today was a massive bowl of Wanton Mee from Tiong Bahru Wanton Mee on the second floor of Golden Shoe Food Centre. The long queue always deters me from joining but my colleagues called in advance and I could not resist asking them to help me get one too. On the internet, people declare this to be the best Wanton Mee in Singapore. I didn’t think so. The noodles were overcooked; inferior to Fatty Ox Hong Kong Roast Meat. The small boiled wanton was also uncomparable to Fatty Ox. But for $3.50, the bowl contained a strange but incredible mix of ingredients.


Two boiled wantons, fried wantons of various sizes, two types of fried meat dumplings (Wu Xia), blanched chye sim, fried fishball and generous thick slices of fatty char siew. The tender, slightly fatty Char Siew with charred burnt edges was stellar! I would go back just to them again. The fried wontons were a nice touch. I last ate them in Secondary School so it was a walk down memory lane upon biting into it. The Wu Xia and fried fishball were delicious but begs the question, what’s their connection with wanton mee?


The dark sauce was so thick and appetizing! A behemoth bowl of fried food and carbohydrates for just $3.50; no wonder the daily legendary queue!


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