Berry Cheese Crumble, Da Paolo

Lunch this afternoon had to be quick and I have been meaning to try this particular Crumble flavour since a friend recommended last month. I tried it’s sister, White Chocolate Yoghurt Crumble, last year and it was sweeeeettt! Just cloyingly sweet and the sugar coma descended even before I finished the box. This Berry Crumble, a creamy cheese filling with fruit berry compote topped with buttery crumble topping, was fortunately not so.  Having said that, this was not Da Paolo’s finest dessert. While thankfully not cloyingly sweet, it lacked flavour. The berry compote were neither tangy nor sweet nor sour. It was just that, a purple thick jam. The crumble was delightfully crunchy but it lacked flavour and no buttery flavour was discernible. The cream cheese filling was soft and light; akin to mashmallows. Overall, not Da Paolo’s finest hour but it is alright, there are still other delicious treats from DP. 😀



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