Roland’s Restaurant

This afternoon with my family, I celebrated my birthday early with a crustacean feast at Roland’s Restaurant. It was my fourth visit but the rest of my family’s first. I was nervous about their reaction as I have been raving about this place for the longest time. I was afraid I might have over-raved it and the standard was not up to it. Fortunately, the ever reliable Roland’s did not fail to deliver and immensely impressed my family. At the end of the lunch feast, while nursing a food coma, we were discussing the dishes we were going to have on our next visit (silverfish fried rice, yam rings, and glazed duck.)

Here is what we had this afternoon:

Sambal Kang Kong. Perfectly cooked green vegetables fried with lard and sambal chilli. Needless to say it was extremely fragrant.

Pumpkin Prawns. This was served with a crispy fried egg batter on top. This is my family’s new Wasabi/ Cereal Prawns. Divine crunchy and succulent prawns in a subtle pumpkin sauce. The egg batter was unlike any other and added even more sinfulness to the dish. But believe me when I say no one was complaining. For most of us, we preferred this take on prawns as wasabi prawns tend to get too creamy and rich while cereal prawns can get too obviously oily.


Honey Glazed Pork Ribs. Tender meaty boneless pork ribs coated in a thick sweet brown sauce. I liked this dish a lot as I have a sweet tooth but I think the fatty meat made it overall the most unpopular dish that afternoon.

Sotong Crullers (Sotong paste stuffed into you tiao and deep fried) and Deep fried Baby Squid. Another Roland favourite, this dependable duo plate made it hard for anyone to stop picking on the crunchy baby squid. The Sotong Crullers were served with a thick peanut sauce akin to a rojak sauce; immensely appetizing.

Seafood Mee Goreng. This impressed my carb-loving family the most. Yellow noodles were fried in a chilli and tomato sauce with hints of tom yam and lemongrass. Full of flavour and chocked full of ingredients especially eggs making the yellow noodles hard to find. When found, every noodle was coated with egg. Huge juicy prawns lovingly adorned this dish. Even though it was one of the last dishes to arrive, it did not deter our stuffed selves to go for seconds.

Roland prides itself as the Founder of Chilli Crabs. I don’t know about that but I know no one serves up this dish quite like them. The chilli egg sauce is gloriously red, thick and aromatic. I always bite into tiny bits of hae-bee (tiny fried shrimps) – could that be the reason for the aroma? Crabmeat always so fresh. I always order this dish purely for it’s sublime consistency.

Salted Egg Yolk Crab. This dish receives way too little attention compared to it’s aforementioned sister. Fried with salted egg yolk (commonly found), Roland upped their game with the addition of fried tapoica chips. This addition was both surprising but much enjoyed for all of us. It was hard to stop snacking on the little crispy chips and my waistline was quite grateful when the plate with little bits left was cleared.


For dessert, we ordered two small bowls of Orh-ni but I brought a large Passionfruit Meringue Tart from CC.

It was a wonderful sweet end to the feast. I know we will be back at Roland’s. I was so so glad my family enjoyed Roland’s so much, I like to think my credibility on food is safely in place. It may have been a bit out of the way for us (we all live in the Thomson/ Ang Mo Kio area) but I am pretty sure this will not deter us from making more trips down for it’s delicious take on Singapore classics.


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