Da Paolo’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk, again


This afternoon’s lunch may look like a melted chocolate sludge with light brown liquid on the side in a steamed-up plastic container but it is actually Da Paolo’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk that had been heated up a tad longer than expected. I was not complaining because it was exactly what I needed then. I spent the morning detoxing and my sugar level was at an all time low so this hot square of moist, ultra tender chocolatey brownie bottom and almost-scorching melted caramel awoke my senses and lifted me up instantly. The monotony of the sweetness was interrupted by the little crunchy feuilletine and bigger peanut chunks which made every bite as exciting until the end. It was a blissful afternoon thereafter.

[Update] Yes, I know. This, for lunch, is terribly unhealthy. There is zero nutritional value and the badness of sugar is all over the internet. But this sin has satiated me. It is now 5:18pm and I have not craved for anything, not even an mid-afternoon snack, since then. In fact, what I am craving for now is a long comforting jog.


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