Kko Kko Na Ra: Chicken Feast

I gave up lunch reservations at Jaan and Lolla for this. To be honest, I don’t think it was a wise choice but there would be no other opportunity to eat this in the afternoon. For Lolla and Jaan, I could always drag my health-conscious family to try with me. My best friend and I were still very excited about this place. I was craving for Korean Fried Chicken and since Chicken Up was not available, this was the next best option.

We ordered the large Chicken Combo Set. Six pieces each of original, sweet and garlic flavour. I would have liked for the spicy version – Bool Dak, but that would be suicidal. So this combo set was a great option to taste the varieties. I like the sweet version (drenched in the red glaze and topped with sesame seeds) the most. I liked the sweet and savoury combination. The chicken was pretty moist but the wings were quite meatless. Still, the whole plate was pretty satisfying and my fried chicken craving was swiftly satiated after this plate.



But what really surprised and delighted me the most that afternoon was this Potato Pancake made from shredded potatoes and studded with red chilli and some carrot strips. It may look anaemic and no different from a soggy german Rosti but this was still packed with flavour and super moist. Paired with the salty dip, I was extremely happy.



I am not sure I will return to Kko Kko but to be honest I am not sure I will eat Korean Fried Chicken anytime soon. What’s the big deal? It is just unrefined comfort food and empty calories all round. If I am going to sin, it would be sweet potato fries any day.


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