7 Sins Cocktails at Jekyll & Hyde


It was my birthday last week and I went all out. On Sunday I had the big crustacean lunch with my family. On Wednesday I met up with some ex-Secondary School classmates for Korean BBQ and Buddae Jiggae stew followed by cocktails at Oxwell & Co. Two days later, on my actual birth date, my colleagues threw me a surprise birthday lunch at Peach Garden where we had good Dim Sum. In the evening, my law school classmates and I had dinner and Moscato at a friend’s cafe followed by cocktails at Jekyll & Hyde, and finally ended the night with dancing in Club Kyo until 3.30am. Then the very next day, a Korean Fried Chicken feast with my best friend. Phew! What a week. My gay friends were particularly concerned about my intense week and enquired about it. Hence for these two days, I am going low carb. So far it has been hard and I have never craved for an apple so much in my life. But with this guide, I feel less alone and ready.

But for now, a little rundown on some of the eateries I visited last week.

To start off with, cocktails at Jerykll & Hyde on 49 Tras Street in Tanjong Pagar. A couple of days before Friday, a good friend raved on IG how wonderful the drinks were so I promptly made a reservation. Thankfully a table for my party of six was still available and at 10pm we happily settled into the high chairs nearest to the entrance. We would have minded with the close proximity to the main doors but the doors opened and closed quietly so it did not bother us.

The one page menu was beautifully designed with only seven drinks. We were feeling adventurous so we decided to order all to share. This was a wonderful decision. There were a couple of hits and misses but the hits were enough to left us wanting for more. It will definitely not be my last trip to JH.

First up was the Miso After Eight with an Almond Pocky stuck into it. This, we all loved. The mint flavour was strong and there was a dark chocolate aftertaste. We were extremely pleased with the strong flavours.


20140223-095639.jpgNext up was the biggest hit of the evening, Mr Bean. It was served in the cutest vintage ceramic Chinese cup and inside, the drink strongly resembled tau huey. We were wondering if it was solid like beancurd at first but pure liquid upon dipping our straws. This tasted exactly like Lao Bao tau huey, or beancurd, with a kaya aftertaste. So amazing! I could drink jugs of this. We all collectively loved this drink the most.


Another hit for the evening was the Mangosteen Martini. It was a tad weak in alcohol which made us feel like we were just drinking Mangosteen juice. Still it was more palatable than the misses.

Even though not all the drinks were a stunner, the three aforementioned cocktails were enough for me to return. And next time, may be I will be so lucky as to sit by the bar and get customized drinks. Next time, when I am done with this detox.


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