Tandoor Tandoor Salad from The Green Bar, died and gone to heaven


If you have been following my Raffles Place lunch series (thank you, thank you), it had been quite clear I was trying to destroy myself. Those fried vegetarian food, big slabs of cakes and brownies, and the healthiest would be that Rice Bento that was topped with a big piece of fried chicken and sodium-rich gravy. Looking back, I have no regrets; those were some beautiful tasty memories. But last week I looked at my body and nearly barfed. I was bloated all over and the worst was my tummy that had swelled to cover my rib cage. I gained weight and I was fat! For the record, I am an ugly fatty. Some people look beautiful when they have hips but not me, when I gain weight, it starts with my face which swells up resembling the Michelin Man.

I had to do something. All that running and weight lifting did not seem to be helping so I knew it had to be my food intake. I mean, what else could it be?! Inadequate sleep? I sleep on average at 6-7 hours so it can’t all be that. So very painfully and expensively, I changed up my lifestyle. I quit my morning toasts for Banana Protein Shakes or Oatmeal with Boiled Eggs, and Salads for lunch.

It has only been three days but the results have been noticeable. Not on the weighing scales, the numbers seem to remain the same, but my rib cage is now more pronounced. I feel less bloated, not sure about energy wise because I am forever an energizer bunny. The scariest part is that I have not craved for a cake or chocolate croissant since I started. Does the high protein intake leave me so satiated? Does it really curb my cravings? Who knows but not spending money on just flour and sugar makes me feel good.

Now back to the Raffles Place lunch series. On Monday and Tuesday I had Salad Shop because all my friends raved about it. Quite honestly, it sucked. The portion was soo small! I finished the medium sized bowl and promptly ran to grab an expensive box of fruits. What a waste of money and effort.  And none of the ingredients offered were memorable. By Tuesday, I was bored out.

So this afternoon, I went for a salad at The Green Bar. One of the best things about Raffles Place is the high number of salad bars. I like to think it is due to the high ratio of expats which is wonderful because I am always spoilt for choice! It was my second visit to The Green Bar, the first being last year and I had the Wicked Strawberry salad.

I chose the Tandoor Tandoor this time as the red chicken in the picture looked so inviting! Honestly, The Green Bar is underhyped. My salad was delicious and left me satisfied. A bed of salad leaves was topped with raw onions, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. But the best best part of it all was the grilled bright red tandoori chicken and potatoes that were served hot and quite possibly, straight from the grill. I tell you, eating the hot chicken and potato was such a breath of fresh air. The chicken was so juicy and wonderfully seasoned with me not complaining for more salt! I asked for the honey-yoghurt dressing on the side and just had a smear of it which really wasn’t necessary as the chicken was enough to moisten everything up and prevented the contents in my wooden bowl from turning into rabbit food. The chicken peas were fun. I ate slowly as I spent most of the time picking on it. Oh what a delight, this salad was!

Next up for me would be the Foursome Grilled Veg Salad and the Greek Salad for I spy grilled chicken. 🙂



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