Awesome Foursome from The Green Bar


This was my lunch today, the Green Bar’s Awesome Foursome salad. A bed of lettuce leaves topped with four types of grilled vegetables: red peppers, four shitake mushrooms, zucchini, and butternut squash. I had the delicious pesto vinaigrette on the side, and like yesterday, the dressing was not necessary thanks to the moist vegetables.  This was a terrifically hearty bowl. The vegetables were uber fresh, and the sweet butternut squash provided excitment to the savory bowl. The textures from the different vegetables prevented the bowl from turning boring.

After four days of high protein breakfasts and salad for lunch combined with an hour of cardio everyday has seen me drop 2kg. I have one more kg to go and it is going to be hard as I am getting sick of salad. Time for me to devise a new routine to prevent me from falling off the wagon. Thank goodness it is Thursday. Tomorrow I have an epic meal at Lolla with my Mum which will, no doubt, be filled with loads of potatoes and bread with lovely butter. It is going to be the most enjoyable cheat meal ever. I can feel it!


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