Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant


This afternoon I visited Genesis on Circular Road and was so famished, I wolfed down two of their veggie rolls; the Yuba Roll and Penang Popiah. They were so good! Throughout the late morning I was weirdly craving for vegetables, specifically non-oil-based and must be warm. I think I am dreadfully bored of salads so it was Genesis to the rescue. Genesis is a highly rated, widely praised vegetarian restaurant and I was sure I was in safe hands. I googled the restaurant extensively and already knew what I wanted before noon. I have a soft spot for tofu in any forms so their Yuba Roll (Taukee Roll) was especially appealing to me. The Yuba Roll was basically thick juicy and chewy beancurd sheets filled mostly with even juicy spinach and a small amount of mushroom and carrots. This also came with their signature red pepper sauce. The Penang Popiah which was wrapped in seaweed seemed a little sad and strange at first but the filling (cabbage, turnips, carrots, tofu and almonds) was sweet and a crunchy appetizer, it reminded me of the traditional popiah offered in non-vegetarian places so I was massively pleased and satisfied.


Overall these two rolls impressed me with their ultra fresh ingredients, and were served piping hot on hot plates. HURRAY!


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