White Chocolate Cornflake Scone from Da Paolo Gastronomia


After close to two weeks of high protein breakfasts, I was bored so this morning I decided to treat myself to a White Chocolate Cornflake Scone. I woke up feeling ultra-skinny (as I had slept 9 hours before) and today is going to be an emotional charged day so I needed something sinful. As breakfast was only available below my office, this meant I did not have to wake up early and race towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast before I run out the door to catch a ride with my family. This was also a nice change. I woke up the usual early time but spent the hour lying in bed thinking, falling back to sleep briefly, waking, and watching the daylight peak out from the side of my curtains. This short lie-in was great! Not rushing and having a slow morning was such a luxury. I was always so anxious to prepare a healthy breakfast in the morning.

The scone was good but a little too sweet to be recommended for the first food of the day. The exterior of the scone was all crispy and crusty, and smelt strongly of white chocolate which reminded me of artificial chocolate. Most of the cornflakes in the scone could be found in the exterior thereby adding even more crunch. The interior was a stark contrast to the exterior. It was soft and the center was underbaked so it was a bit liquid-y.  I threw the whole bag of scone into the microwave for a quick 30 secs heat and after I could hear the crackling of the cornflakes. Through the cracks of the exterior, I could also see the inner liquidy portions glistening from the heat. The scone was huge and I could not finish, even for a big eater like me. But what a treat!

I end off here with pre-scone-selfies of me looking all slim and fit like I spend the days just eating boiled eggs, chicken breasts and salads, and work out like an energizer bunny. Enjoy! Haha.




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