Pork Chop Fried Rice from Din Tai Fing; the most blissful dish I ever ate


People rave and run to Din Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) but for me, it is the Pork Chop Fried Rice that makes my life so much more magical, special, and blissful. On this trip, I was probably the only diner who did not bother with the soup dumplings or the other delicious-looking starters. I wanted to go to heaven and all I needed was this plate! Sometimes I will order their Chilli Wanton but for this particular trip, I wanted to give myself, my whole self, to this plate of egg fried rice.

And boy did I reach heaven on my first bite and remained floating until the very last grain! Each grain of short-grain rice still remained distinct with a bite. Each grain was also well coated with beaten egg making every mouthful full of eggy bites. The fried rice was also especially clean. No brown or burnt bits yet it still tasted smoky and heavenly fragrant. The five-spice marinated pork chops atop are always thick, juicy, and exterior crispy. Din Tai Fung triumphed in creating this seemingly simple and effortless plate.

This plate was so good. I was trying my very best to exercise mindful eating by eating as slowly as I could and savouring every small bite, in the hopes that I would eat less of this fattening dish fried with oil. But dammit, after half hour, I still could not resist the last grain on the plate! Every bite was so danm comforting. I screamed out (in my head) at every bite. I didn’t want it to end. I considered ordering a second plate but my waistline called out to me. I went home to rave about it to my Mummy. I saw the look in her eyes. Her eyes twinkled. I know we will both go back for it. The only question is, shall we each have one or one to share? I know my Mummy will want to share so I must start thinking of reasons why we shouldn’t.

I feel so lucky to have been served this plate. I feel so lucky I have no egg allergies (actually there is such a history in my family but I can’t be bother to find out for myself). I feel so lucky to be single and not married to a person whose religion prohibits consuming pork. I feel so lucky this plate can be so easily attained. But mostly I feel so damn lucky to be a Chinese!


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