Artisan Boulangerie Co., Great World City

One Sunday family lunch, we made our way to Artisan Boulangerie Co (“ABC”) in Great World City, and were blown away by the sandwiches offered. Generously and well-seasonly filled, tender buttery brioche encasing the moist corned beef, or the less-tender but more textured multigrain long loaf encasing the large chunks of egg mayo and alfafa sprouts, did I also mention they were toasted up when ordered?!?! The hot sandwiches really hit the spot!


We ordered other items on the menu too and they were surprisingly hearty. My Mum had the Eggs Benedict that were served on their delicious buttery brioche slices. The fresh spinach and cubes of tomato, served together, cut across the thick holladaise sauce. I went for the low carb option of Omelette with roasted peppers, mushroom, and cheddar cheese that were all underdone and pleasurably gooey in the middle. While both were delightful, the sandwiches had already stolen my heart.

The best part about this bakery is the less busy crowd and service staff that allowed us to sit out our food coma on their comfortable stylish seats for the longest time after. Thank you, ABC!


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