Old School Treats from SL 2 Muffins, Hong Lim Complex


My long Easter weekend began with a revelation! And it was all thanks to a simple but immensely delicious Egg Tart. On Friday morning, my parents and I were feeling adventurous so we headed down to Hong Lim Complex in Chinatown for breakfast. A good 15 minutes drive from our home. The public holiday meant many hawker stalls were closed but I spotted a stall in business, SLII Muffin. In front of this simple stall was a glass display well-stocked with muffins and tarts. Clearly someone had been up early baking up a storm! A lady was also in the midst of of using an electric beater to a tub filled with batter. The whirring sound was thunderous and called out to me. Naturally, I found myself moving closer to the stall. There I spotted, on the lowest shelf, pale white tarts that were simply labelled “egg tarts” for $1. The baked egg tarts reminded me of the famous Soya Bean Curd tarts from Le Cafe. It could have been plagarized but for a dollar, it did not matter. I got one and thus became my weekend revelation.

The egg tart consisted of just two components that were executed perfectly. The egg custard filling was thick but wobbly. And delightfully smooth and silky. Unlike Portugese Egg Tarts, these lacked any hint of a baked-eggs-taste. However the real winner was the short buttery tarts shells. They snapped so satisfyingly in my mouth. The short-crust pastry made for a perfect crumbly case to support the smooth egg custard. I was in heaven!


I loved the tart shells so much, I had to purchase others on display. On my second visit, I tried the Chocolate Cheese tarts ($1.50). Smooth liquidy cream cheese topped with some melted chocolate supported by the same tart shells. I guiltlessly slurped up the liquid cheese.

The Lemon Cheese tarts, on my first visit, fared much better. The sharp lemon cream provided more thrill against the bland cream cheese.

Also available at the stall was some old-fashion Coconut Tarts. Again, the same delicious tart shells, in it was a thick shredded coconut filling rich with butter, then topped with a cherry. My parents and their friends, who tried when we bought extra home, were delighted with them. It reminded them of their childhood and tasted of good times. I especially love this stall for it’s simplicity, the affordability, and the effortless take on Asian sweets. Cheers to more good finds!


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