Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Cake

This cake is a perfect example of my addiction to complicate life. This past Saturday, my friends were coming over to my place to hang out and celebrate two friends’ Birthdays at the same time. I wanted to bake their Birthday cake and I knew a simple Red Velvet Cake wasn’t enough so I typed “red velvet cake” into Google in the hopes for a unique variation to the cake. A lot of cheesecakes popped up but after a while, something amazing caught my eye. It was a Red Velvet Oreo Truffle cake by Pizzazzerie. A decadent double layered red velvet cake with it’s sides exposed sandwiched with a dark filling called “Oreo truffle” topped with more of the same and a chocolate dripping down the whole concoction popped up. As if it were not enough, more mini chocolate chips were thrown on to it for good measure. I knew that whole mammoth sugary sinful cake was mine! And I promptly went about prepping and planning days before. I bought the ingredients earlier and researched on any alternate recipes. In the end I decided on my own Red Velvet cake recipe, the original Oreo Truffle recipe on Pizzazzerie, and David Leibovtiz’s Chocolate Ganache recipe.

On the morning of the party itself, I baked three 9″ layers of red velvet sponge cake using my trusty recipe. While it cooled, I separated a pack of Oreo cookies from its cream and blended the cream with a package of cream cheese. I smashed the cookies and added in to the blended cream. A thick batter also known as Oreo Truffle was promptly formed. The original recipe called for a double layered cake but with my extra layer, I could only spread a thinner layer of oreo truffle in between. Spreading the thick oreo truffle on the sponge cake was tough. The recipe called for the hands to spread it out but I dotted several blops of oreo truffle around the cake and used a butter knife to spread and smeared it around as if it was peanut butter and jam on a slice of toast.


For the ganache, I decided against the original recipe which called for evaporated milk. Instead, I used David Leibovitz’s Chocolate Ganache recipe from his Devil Food’s Cake. It was a reliable recipe that called for minimal ingredients; only three! Finally I topped the whole cake with mini chocolate chips and surrounded the bottom with more chocolate chips.

The result was a mammoth and highly indulgent Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Cake that could easily serve 10(!) Served with Haagan Daaz ice-cream, my friends thoroughly enjoyed it and it was so filling! The Oreo truffle provided the contrasting crunchy texture to the soft sponge and the ganache was lovely with all it’s dark chocolate-ness. It was magnificent! I felt triumphant. Now I’m eager to bake another complicated multi-element cake or pie or tart. πŸ™‚


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