Grand Shanghai, King’s Centre

My Boss brought me out for lunch this afternoon to her favourite, Grand Shanghai in King’s Centre. The Chinese restaurant specializes in Shanghainese cuisine and is set in a large and imposing hall with many grand crystal chandeliers and table topped with red table cloths.

There was a small Dim Sum menu but my Boss was more into the Ala Carte dishes. I left her to make the orders. We ordered five dishes and overall the food was good but not exceptional. Quite frankly, without the discount card and inconvenience, I wouldn’t specially take a cab ride down for it. But still, the food was worth “blogging” about.

We started with some traditional Shanghai Xiao Long Bao or soup dumplings. The skin was so brittle, my first burst open the moment I picked it up. It was a good XLB. The pork and broth within were tender and aromatic; full of flavour! I was quite impressed and we had to order a second basket because two each was simply not enough.


The second dish to arrive was the Snow Cabbage with Soya Bean and Beancurd Skin. Strips of thin beancurd skin, resembling noodles, were fried with a generous amount of sturdy snow peas and salty finely sliced cabbage. While this dish could benefit from more seasoning, it was still a delight and made me miss Shanghainese food.


Next up was a beautiful Deep-fried Shrimp and Pork Wanton. The shrimp-pork filling was lucious! And the generous deep-fried skin was heavenly. I was so taken with this dish.


Then we had Guo Tie. The skin was thick and doughy. Not my type but the filling was delicious with its well-seasoned and tender juicy pork.


To end it all, we had each a cute Korean Souffle Puff dessert that was filled with red bean and a slice of banana. Perfect sweet ending.


I would love to go back and try the other dishes like Lion’s Head or the Shanghainese food offered. I do miss Shanghai so it would be great if I could find similar food in Singapore.


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