Peach Garden Catering

My eldest sister held her Chinese customary wedding at my place on a weekday afternoon and my Mum and I took the opportunity to order a slightly better caterer for my fewer-than-usual relatives. In our opinion, it had to be Peach Garden Catering. With prices from $25+ per pax, we expected good quality food for this special afternoon. We concluded that afternoon that Peach Garden Catering most certainly did not disappoint.



The set up was pretty luxe. For $180 more dollars, guests helped themselves to ceramic plates and stainless steel cutleries. The dirtied plates just had to be placed in a big plastic container provided by the caterers; so convenient! The selections might not have extension but they made up for in the quantity and quality of the food. The customer base of Peach Garden catering must be predominantly Chinese because different types of chillis were generously served for each dish.


The huge pot of Fried Carrot Cake with X.O. Sauce was the first dish that greeted us and it was impressive! Although the turnip cubes were soft and overcooked, it was wonderfully aromatic with subtle tastes of smokiness and spicyness.


This Fried Bean Skin Roll with Seaweed was unsurprisingly a huge hit with my Aunties due to it’s cute nugget look and deep-fried crispy skin. Each roll was fat and filled with a crunchy prawn paste; so addictive! At the end of the afternoon, many euphorically went home with ziplock bags full of these rolls that crazily remained crunchy two hours later.


The Roasted Boneless Chicken with Prawn Paste was a little monotonous and soggy on the inside. The deep-fried element saved this dish and in the end, I did not see much leftovers.


This vegetable dish contained many yellowish broccoli heads. My Aunt said it was overcooked but the generous servings of mushroom and crabmeat gravy made this a popular dish.


HOW I LOVE THIS DISH! The exterior was light and satisfyingly crunchy! Each piece was meaty. The plum sauce was the perfect contrast to the savouriness.


This Fried Mee Sua/ Mian Xian topped with generous amounts of scallops stole my heart too. The noodles were soft but not overdone, and fried so aromatically. I had two helpings. 🙂 I could have gone for more if not for the evening 8 course dinner at Four Seasons Hotel.


There were two desserts, this Chinese Pancake filled with lotus paste, and a sweet soup. I did not try both as I had gone for two rounds of the savouries. There was simply no need for any more satisfaction after the two rounds. 🙂


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