Daily Juice Singapore 3-day Juice Cleanse: Day One

[Editor’s note: Hi all, if you are reading this entry again, you may notice a heavily edited version. Yep, that’s right. I have amended the entry below because the writing in my previous one was CRAP. Still the same experience except I hope it is now more coherent with better sentence structure. Thanks for stopping by!]

I am on a 3-day juice cleanse and believe me when I say, I DID NOT plan for it. This is how it happened, and let me tell you, it happened in the most hilarious way. On Monday I came into work and found five of my colleagues had signed up for a 5-day juice cleanse with Daily Juice Singapore. Before lunchtime, the no-solid-food regime wore down three of them. And right after lunch, one of them offered me his last three days of juice. I have always wanted to go on one so I promptly accepted. So that was my Monday! I went home that day and told my Mum. She burst out laughing but was supportive. I really needed that.

To be honest, I have no idea what hit me to buy out my colleague’s pain. There were warning signs all around me. Out of five, three of them failed promptly. One within the first day, the second held on until 12am then promptly inhaled Claypot Chicken Rice, and the third had two eggs on the second day. None made it past two days. What chance did I have of surviving? They were also cranky and tired. Their spirits only lifted the moment they gave up the cleanse and could plan their lunches. These lunches, of course, consisted of nothing but SOLIDS.

Then I recalled the past. The troublesome process of blending my own juice and the thought of prepared juices sent straight to my office every morning was just too tempting. That thought alone filled me with a renewed sense of hope. I gamely took on the challenge: three days, 18 bottles, no solid food. This meant no my-favourite-breakfast: toasted bread, peanut butter and jam. Just tons and tons of liquid, and from my colleague’s experience, strong legs to carry me to the toilet because god only knows how well-acquainted with the toilet bowl I must be on this cleanse.

Before the cleanse started, I prepared as best. I only had two days notice while others on the internet seem to plan weeks in advance. First things first, the day before the cleanse began, I quit coffee. This caused me serious withdrawal symptoms and I am sure I experienced COLD TURKEY. I stocked up (binged) on fruits too just to get used to the “coldness” of my subsequent “meals”. T

To get mentally prepared, I read all over the internet about the terrifying experiences from a juice cleanse just to prepare for the worst. Experiences such as hunger pangs and deep bad cravings. At the same time, I read a few good advice from the brave bloggers like sipping the drink slowly so one does not feel deprived and absolutely NO looking at food blogs. This only will stir up one’s cravings for solid foods even more. This was going to be hard. I live for food blogs and food trends. To be the first at a new eatery is so my life’s goal. But I could do this! I could survive three days of no solids! (Seriously, celebrity gossip sites are your best friends during juice cleanse days.)

On the morning of the cleanse, I pulled out some fancy paper straws to make myself feel better. The hard part was waiting for the juice to be delivered. I was used to waking up at 6 to 7am then promptly inhale my breakfast. Instead yesterday morning, I mopped around the dining room, stared at the bread container, and downed two big glasses of water before I could reach for it. My head hurt so badly after a while so I downed another glass of water. That did not help and I was in a lot of pain. I kept dreaming of juices. I entered the office in a zombie state. From 9 to 9.30am, I stared at the digital clock praying, counting down; all the while suffering. When the juices had not arrived by 9.30am, I went to pester my unimpressed colleague. At 9.40am when she finally announced the arrival, I raced to the fridge, excitedly pulled out the first bottle, and stuck my straw into it.

The next hard part was the two hour per bottle regime. Daily Juice advises each bottle to be drank every two hours. I did not like scheduled eating. My preferred method of eating was to eat a lot at once then spend the next 6 to 8 hours go about my life stuffed. This regime took A LOT of getting used to.

My body went through different reactions throughout the first day. After drinking the first two bottles, I felt full at first. I was even feeling smug about it. But just twenty minutes later, hunger would slowly creep back in. Drinking each bottle as slowly as possible was probably the best way forward. Further after the first two bottles, I felt a slight headache creeping into me. I felt it strange and drank more water but throughout but the headache remained. I felt terribly hungry after the first three bottles but after the fourth and fifth, I was finally satiated. When it was time for the last bottle, I felt well-fed and clean.

Another observation made was the sweetness of the juices. The drinks were sweeter than I expected. I was told this was due to the heavier fruit-based drinks. After the first two bottles, I could feel my throat turning hoarse and scratchy.

However the most surprising and immediate effect of the cleanse took hold of me from the start. I felt REALLY energetic! Like energy from deep within that I never knew I had, was just spilling out of me. I could not stop cracking jokes throughout the day. Even in the evening and the next morning (this morning). Even my Mum remarked I looked less tired and my “sian-ness” (lack of zest for life) was noticeably absent. In short, I felt good! Today, I actually woke up looking forward to my juices.

As for my solid food cravings, it was still there especially when The Great British Bake Off (a wonderful British baking competition) came on. Before the cravings took control of my body and sent me to the kitchen, I switched off the TV before the show ended and headed straight for bed. Last night, I slept very very well. Deep sleep for most of the time. Although there was a 3am disruption which saw me sit on my toilet bowl for a good few minutes peeing out a day’s worth of liquid. As for exercising, don’t even think about it! I had no energy just to stand at my desk (I created my own standing desk). I really missed my exercising and push-up regime yesterday.

Anyway, here is a rundown of the cleanse juices from Daily Juice Singapore:

First drink of the day was Barnie. It contained:

Beet, Carrot, Apple, Lemon & Ginger


This was a pretty bright red drink. On first sip, it tasted so sweet but HEAVENLY. I loved the taste of beetroot. Yes I know, I can a freak! This drink brought back memories of my old fit self. I used to blend raw beetroots and other vegetables regularly so I was used to the earthy taste of the drink. The subtle ginger and refreshing lemon gave this drink a much-needed kick! This beetroot-iness really made me want to run home and juice my own beets. And maybe, just maybe, even add a dash of that disgusting spirulina!

(Sidenote: I accidentally spilled some in my overzealous attempt to snap an artistic shot (above) and left a trail of red liquid, akin to blood, on the wall(!) It was impossible to clean them off. Haha!)

Next up was Krypto:

Green Apple, Romaine, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon & Parsley


As green and nuclear-reactive-looking on first sight, there was surprisingly not hint of grass or weeds taste-wise. The high fruit content made this taste more like a green fruit juice. Of course, one must also close their eyes and forget about the hulk-looking nature. I happily downed this. Then again, no thanks to the previous drink, I was supremely hungry at this point and could not even be bothered to wait until the two hours was up.

Lunch was B. Smooth. This had all my colleagues raving about.

Mixed Berries, Banana, Apple, Natural Yoghurt, Chia Seeds


A pretty pink drink with a thicker texture akin to a smoothie. It was, to me, a tad sour. I suspect this was possibly due to the yoghurt and berries. Despite the berry colour, there was a surprising strong banana taste. The smoothie-like texture made this incredibly satisfying and filling. It felt more like “food” therefore perfect for lunch! I was only too happy to devour the whole bottle but also maybe because I was sickeningly hungry by then. I was also feeling very weak from the multiple trips to the toilet at that point. However as noted before, it was a little too sweet for me. My throat hurt slightly after.

After lunch was ‘Sup Doc:

Carrot, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon & Turmeric


A bright cheery orangey drink that featured a more intense carrot flavour. This was a light drink and it was much appreciated after all the fruit-heavy drinks earlier. The orange flavour provided subtle tangs to the drink. I felt more “clean” after this bottle.

The next is my favorite: Pepplemint

Apple, Pineapple & Mint


This was a wonderful tropical-like drink with its strong pineapple flavour. It instantly made me think of lying by the beach with Pina Coladas. Utter delight! I could foresee myself splashing in some tequila or vodka, and laze around under the Sun with this bottle in hand. Much less cloudy than the rest, this drink was light and refreshing! I could EASILY drink bottles of this.

And finally! Nut Mylk

Almonds, Dates, Vanilla,
Himalayan Pink Salt, Alkaline Water


This had everyone raving no doubt due to the creamy and dreamy nature. When fridge cold, reminiscent of an ice-cream smoothie. It was also extremely filling. There were small bits of almond floating around the bottle. The dates provided subtle sweetness. The strong almond taste was an acquired one. However after a while, this drink brought a comforting end to the day’s work. I felt a little groggy after this drink and the bed was a good call.

So there we go, Day One. Let’s see tomorrow how we far and whether I succeeded on day two, shall we?


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