Daily Juice Singapore 3-day Juice Cleanse: Day Three and Thereafter

Day Three was hard, I am not going to lie.

The morning started off well. My energy level was still high. When the juices were dropped off at my office, I did not race to get my juices in desperation. However in the afternoon, I was getting tired of the flavours; the monotony and predictability made me moody. I craved for excitement.

The worst point, however, hit me at around 4 to 5pm. That was when my brain hit the wall and caved in. It was a strangest feeling. I wasn’t low on energy… My brain was just fogged up. I was walking around work in a haze. It was funny because at no point during the three days or 18 bottles, did I ever feel any gastric pains or other extreme forms of hunger. I highly believe my brain was craving for fat.

When my brain was all muddled up, even the usually delightful fifth bottle, Pepplemint, could not relieve the intense headache I was feeling. It felt like someone was pressing down on my head. The compressed and tight feeling up in my head was simply unbearable.

My final 18th bottle: Nut Mylk, relieved the feeling somewhat but it was inadequate. I was in a really bad place. When I knocked off from work, I ran straight home and flopped onto the bed like a fish. I was still determined to hang on and not cave into solids.

That evening, I had the worst sleep ever! It took me forever to fall asleep and when I did, I woke up at 2am with a splitting headache. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest banana I could find. Hey! It was past 12am! I can still say I survived three days without solids. After the sweet banana, my sleep improved a little but I still got up at 7am craving to bite into food.

The next day was free-for-all. For breakfast, I inhaled a slice of bread, more juice, Black Carrot Cake – everything. Then I officially declared Saturday as CHEAT DAY! I bit into whatever yummy food I could get my hands on. I threw a BBQ Party at my place that same evening and ate like there was no tomorrow! It felt fantastic. At times it made me think about how stupid I was to go without solids for three days. I swore I would never do it again! On the scales, I was down by 2kg but I thought, not worth it! So much headache and no energy just to be 2kg lighter, “forget it!” I yelled many times with my mouth stuffed with fattening food.

But the very next day I bit my tongue. I woke up bloated from the day before’s binging and actually missed the juices! I missed the clean feeling everytime I drank a bottle and the lightness of my body thereafter. I also missed the natural high energy that was not aided by caffeine. (For the record, I have not craved for coffee since going cold turkey and have not had a glass too.) When I looked back at the pictures taken during the BBQ Party, I saw my very SLIM self. My arms were looking lithe, my hair was glossy and shiny, my face was so angular and chin so DEFINED! It was as if I had botox and fillers but wasn’t $800 short.

So I did the craziest. I was so motivated with the green jucies that I went out to the supermarket and bought a lot of vegetables and fruits. I came home, cut them into pieces, and portioned them into little ziplock bags in preparation for Green Smoothies the week ahead. I made my own Nut Mylk too. I blended store-bought almond milk with some dates (which were on a sale!). It was not as tasty as Daily Juice’s but on the hot Sunday afternoon, it felt so blissful to lie in bed and watched TV while sipping a cold cup of my homemade mylk.

Will I go on another 3-day juice cleanse? You bet!

Why wouldn’t I? I looked great in pictures and during the cleanse, I was feeling better than ever.

I googled prices of cleanse programs from other companies in Singapore but boy were they expensive! Let me present to you a detailed list of companies providing Juice Cleanses in Singapore. Please note Daily Juice SG is not on the list. It happens to be the cheapest provider so far ($199 for 5 days). Their customer service is also sublime – quick to reply with emails and extremely accomodating.

Juice Cleanse Table


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