Daily Juice Singapore 3-day Juice Cleanse: Day Two

I survived day two!! It was easier during the day, I learnt to enjoy the drinks and the sweetness. I found myself eagerly awaiting each of them. The Nut Mylk at the end was the most comforting and caused me to go all dreamy – like I was floating on some fluffy sweet date clouds. The slight headache remained, the hoarse scratchy throat creeped around but other than that, I was blissfully filled with liquid although the coldness of the drinks caused me to get a slight fever which quickly subsided when I went out to the humid weather. However during the night, I took a short walk to the supermarket and came back feeling hungryyyyy… I so nearly caved into an apple but I read my book (a food book, mind you) and strangely felt more relaxed which caused the cravings to subside. My body was also becoming accustomed to the calories intake and I could feel myself getting more energetic and craving to return to my standing desk. And at night, I slept like a baby. It has been a while but I slept from 8.30pm all the way to 7am. It was so blissful.

During the past two days, I enjoyed the convenience of the juices. Pressed, bottled and delivered straight to my office on time; who wouldn’t want that?! If not for the long term bad effects of the juices, I would probably have gone on it longer. Then I thought about the two successful days could have been possible. A) I was deeply unpopular – or tend to be socially dormant during the weekdays.  No peer pressure in sight, just drinking liquid was a breeze. Then I thought about willpower which led me to point B) I practise it regularly. I don’t snack. I eat dinner once a week (usually because I can’t avoid dining out with my friends).


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