Bee Hoon Goreng Mamak


Today’s lunch took me by surprise. I was queing up for salad on the third floor of Golden Shoe Food Centre when I spotted many plates of bright red noodles on an orange plate around me; Mee Goreng Mamak – Indian-Muslim style fried noodles. My brain kept telling me to look straight ahead at the salad stall, to concentrate on the green leaves, the wonderful effect the leaves will have on my body but my heart could not keep me from sneaking glances at the red noodles many atimes. In the end, I gave up, my heart won and I happily skipped out of the long salad queue and walked straight up to the queue-less stall opposite and placed an order for Bee Hoon Goreng (extra spicy) with a fried egg on top for $4.00. It has been a while.

Every bite of this glorious fried-to-order-red noodle was as shiok as the next bite.Ā  The red bee hoon (red from the tomato sauce) was satisfyingly spicy from the extra sambal and delivered a smoky flavour. Sparsely filled with tiny bites of potatoes, egg and crunchy burnt bits, I tried to tell myself to stop at half the plate but in the end I could not bear to see any leftovers. It was oily alright but somehow the noodles were still light and fluffy. I did however abandon the quartered cucumbers doused in some gooey pale red sauce. What was that?!

As much as I enjoyed this plate, I got it out of my system and now I miss my salads. Alright, thanks for reading! That’s all for today. Bye!


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