The Mad Men Attic Bar – surprisingly good bar food

Friday night saw my colleagues and I heading to The Mad Men Attic Bar for after-work drinks and grub. We unashamedly plonked ourselves onto a reserved table on the roof deck much to the chagrain of the Manager(?) who was wearing an earpiece and told us sternly to vacate the table when the reserved person arrived  but we finished up and left before that. Besides that, the other waiter and waitresses were friendly, efficient and extremely patient.

Bar food is commonly greasy with the fat overpowering any flavours, and usually heavy carbohdrates but in the case of TMMAB’s offerings last night, I did not seem to mind for they were surprisingly hearty and good! I wasn’t even hungry but that did not stop me from inhaling in the food. And my colleagues and I could not stop ordering more. The most impressive items on the menu were the three hotdogs that were value for money. Two were served with oversized sausages topped, or rather drowned with, more condiments. The truffles fries served on the side could have benefited from more truffles essence or oil (depending on how honest the bar is) but they were potato-y and crisp i.e. they felt like legitimate potato fries; the whole lot for just $14++. I regret not taking a picture of the bucket of the thick cut Luncheon Meat Fries. Fat and crispy, I swear it was better than the first time I had months ago.

I should stop talking and show you some pictures of what we ordered last night… First up was the most impressive Chilli Cheese Hotdog; a pork sausaged topped with “no beans” beef chilli, cheese sauce and raw diced onions. 20140705-124444-45884624.jpgThe hotdog bun was toasted, soft, tender and buttery which partnered perfectly with the crunchy pork sausage. The cheese sauce was just american processed cheese but so unrefinely satisfying.

The Pulled Pork Poboy – buttery brioche bun crammed with Berkshire Pork Shoulder Shreads in a sweet tangy sauce that spilled out of the bun making sharing a big brown unappetizing mess. It was supposedly served with creamy apple slaw but thatwas nowhere to be found, only the truffle fries made an appearance.


The pulled pork filling was generous and meat tender but the slight sourish aftertaste was a little disconcerting. Love love love the tender brioche bun though.

The Breakfast Dog was the most inviting looking of all three but could not beat the Chilli Cheese flavour wise. The bacon wrapped sauage was well sinful and the scrambled eggs on top were so fluffy but it could have been seasoned more.

20140705-124446-45886434.jpg The Marmite Pork Belly came drenched in the well-seasoned finger licking sauce that was slightly sweet and savoury at the same time. The Har Cheong Kai (prawn paste) chicken arrived on our table all crispy and fragrant with the strong prawn paste smell. The chicken cubes (thigh parts) were juicy and tender. All in all so addictive we ordered another round.

20140705-124447-45887278.jpg The Happy Hour prices for drinks definitely increases the attractiveness of this Bar and I’m sure we will go back again for more after work satisfaction.  


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