My Second Juice Cleanse Experience

I’m back on the juice cleanse with Daily Juice Singapore! After my first experience, I felt light and clean inside out for a good week but after many social outings and the sheer lack of willpower meant innumberable indulgence which have been chronicled extensively here. As such I have felt my body getting “clogged up”, stuffed with toxins from the junk I put in. Almost instinctively, I started craving for a juice cleanse to clean out the junk accumulating in me. I hunted around the Juice Cleanse companies but every single one out there was still so much more expensive than Daily Juice. Plus they were so friendly and prompt with my email enquiries, I knew I had to go back to them.

Over the course of the next two days, I will be posting here extensively on my experience this round. The funny thing was, I was still incredibly nervous the past few days despite being my second experience and still researched on pre-cleanse preparations. Based on my first experience, it is all about taking it easy.


9.30am. First things first, the bottles have changed! I prefer the old fatter and more stunted bottle. Taste-wise, Barnie is more gingery and stronger in Beet flavour. But more importantly I sip this drink as slowly as I can (the secret, apparently, to ensure our body absorbs as much of the nutrients as possible)

11:06am. Less than 20 minutes after Barnie, my body needs to detox. That was quick! I hydrate thereafter with hot green tea (thank goodness the coffee machine in my office has a green tea option) and guzzle warm water like no tomorrow. Juice cleanses will make one body’s temperature dip so low you will feel like an amphibian. I am tempted to go onto my second bottle, Krypto, but I am waiting for my client and that shall be my “reward” after the possibly-tough meeting.

12pm. During my meeting, I can feel hunger stirring up in my belly. I am hungry and the moment my meeting ends, I race to grab Krypto for a sip. That single sip was enough for me to churn out my meeting notes. Then hunger struck again and I promptly finished the bottle. Krypto was a little grassy in taste with a slight bitterness thanks to the high vegetables content. Still it only means lower sugar content.

1.10pm. I am so cold, I bring my third bottle, B. Smoothie, to sit under the sun and thaw myself. It is a pink and deliciously thick smoothie that is heavy on the banana flavour. A cold filling drink made even more comforting under the blazing sun. I feel satisfied after this bottle and energetic enough to stand and chat with my colleagues while they have their lunch (wanton mee; smelt heavenly but on a non-clease day I wouldn’t touch the calorie-loaded noodles). Big mistake about the standing though.


2.10pm. I am exhausted from that short standing! I sit on my desk chair feeling weak and craving for food. I think about my fourth bottle, Sup Doc, I am so tempted to reach for it but instead I guzzle down three glasses of water.

2.59pm. I race towards the fridge for Sup Doc and I instantly drink up half the bottle. I am feeling good.

3.30pm. Oops said too soon. I am so hungry and stupidly google food blogs. I think about Pepplemint… I may have not have a pressing headache but I have strong urge to bite into someone’s shoulders.

5.00pm. HELL YEH GIVE ME PEPPLEMINT! I quickly finish the bottle and I am feeling satisfied again. I feel strong enough to crack jokes with my colleagues although I am still sitting down at this point.

6.10pm. I am hungry and I have my last, and favourite, bottle left: Nut Mylk. I resist the temptation to drink it before leaving for home but on the bus home, I take two sips – freaking satisfying. Then I race home and promptly finish up the bottle leaving me in a wonderful state of happiness.

7.30pm. I am feeling drowsy from the Nut Mylk. Why does it give me such an effect? I have no idea.

That night, I slept early (8.30pm) and like a baby although there was a 12.45am unleashing of my bladder. I wake up at 3am for the Brazil vs Germany (how epic was that match?!) and I was all energetic and hungry but not starving. I eat a small piece of toast and two oat biscuits which gives me the strength to drive down and watch the game. The strange thing was, I could still resist the hot tapas my friend ordered despite being “deprived” of solids.

The next day. I have decided to freeze my remaining two days of juices instead. Yesterday I could feel there was no much in my body to detox and I read the juices could be frozen and kept for up to 6 months. I know there will be many indulgent days ahead so I shall “save” it for those days. 🙂


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