Heaven in a bottle

This very early morning, I am talking at 4am during the Argentina vs Netherlands match, a breakfast idea struck me: throw a scoop of my newly-arrived Sunwarrior Classic Protein Vanilla Powder into my favouritest bottle of Nut Mylk. Boy was it a wise decision because the ensuing result was simply heavenly.

Here is a little snap shot of my half drank bottle for you. It was so good, I only remembered to take a picture halfway through my indulgence.


After pouring in my vegan protein powder and giving it a very very good shake, don’t be afraid to go violent as those vegan protein powder don’t desolve as well as it’s whey isolate cousins, the mylk texture turned expectedly thicker but unexpectedly creamier to the point of almost buttery. And the added vanilla flavour from the powder only increased the richness of the almonds and I swear the taste was even subtly sweeter. Basically this indulgent version of the nut mylk got even dreamier. So there, a very random update of joyful discovery this morning probably of my life.  



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