Around the Internet

I am a surf addict. Mostly surfing for food blogs, sometimes I discover some brilliant gems introducing recipes or a new way of life that leaves me all inspired and happy. In two days I discovered two websites that has made me seriously consider putting in more effort into this page rather than just an accumulation of my eating conquests because quite honestly, a little part of my life is not all about food. So without further ado, here are the two websites I found:

Pretty Hungry. Pretty girl living in the the U.K. She eats very well but it is her warming tone of writing and zest for her daily life that is most inspiring. Plus she is a juice franatic like me too! Can’t stop trolling her websites for London food recommendations too.

10 Drinks to End Your Day For EVERY Imaginable Scenario. Oh yes! If you, like me love to wake up with a Green Juice and end the day with a Gin and Tonice, you will appreciate this page.

That’s all folks, big lunch ahead of me this afternoon including a Lobster Platter! 🙂


Instagram feed of photos taken at Maltby Street Market. I love the internet!


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