Mao Shan Wang Durian Cupcakes

This is as tropical as an Asian cake could ever get. As mentioned in my previous post, this afternoon’s delightful in-season Mao Shan Wang Durians (MSW) were so good, I bought a small durian and got the durian seller to kindly open the thorny fruit up and put all the flesh in a box for me to take home. He was only too happy to oblige a returning customer. On the ride home, I thought about which reliable recipe would be adaptable enough to accomodate durian puree. Then it hit me, my ever reliable Scrumptious Sticky Toffee Cake from The Clandestine Cake Club cookbook! Because in the recipe, the first step is to boil the dates with water till soft then add Bicarbonate of Soda which will render the date mixture puree-like. So if I pull the MSW flesh off the seeds and mash them up with a fork till smooth, it will be exactly like the date mixture. 🙂

Let me tell you something, The Clandestine Cake Club cookbook is a gemstone for home bakers like me. I have baked so many recipes from this book and each and every time a delicious cake would result causing all who eat it to rave for hours after. And the Srumptious Sticky Toffee Cake is no exception! I made it twice and I have never been disappointed. The easy recipe can be so scary because it requires so little effort but it is reliable and I urge you all to try it.

I adapted the Sticky Cake recipe for my MSW and drizzled them with a light White Chocolate icing for that extra touch of sweetness because god only knows how fattening MSW is. Boy were they a success! My usually-sugar-adverse parents adored the rich MSW flavour and the moist tender cake. I baked it in two sizes and gave my mum the larger cupcake expecting her to share with me but no, she gave my Dad a bite and happily finished the rest on her own. My Dad then commanded me to pass him a mini cupcake which he finished in two bites.

20140713-163939-59979077.jpgSo now for the recipe which I promise will be easy and foolproof. If you haven’t got light brown sugar at home, like me, replace it with any type of brown sugar you can find in your kitchen cabinet. If you haven’t got any brown sugar at all, go get a big bag. Light brown sugar is amazing in almost all cakes. It provides a richer deeper flavored cake. If you have got a recipe that is not meant to be white or yellow, replace your caster sugar with equal amount of brown sugar and what ensues will be a moist fluffy cake. For this cake, I used 70g Muscovado sugar and 80g Gula Melaka (Asian Coconut Palm sugar). On hindsight, this was a great surprise as the Asian sugar complemented the Asian flavour so much better than normal light brown sugar would. O.k. I talk too much and have to go back to summarize judgments so here is my recipe.

Mao Shan Wang Durian Cupcakes for 12 normal-sized cupcakes or 24 minis.

  • 200g Mao Shan Wang durian puree (remove flesh from seed and mash them up till smooth)
  • 115g butter, softened
  • 70g Muscovado sugar
  • 80g Gula Melaka (if yours is the big cube, like mine, grate it finely)
  • 2 large eggs, brought to room temperature
  • 170g self-raising flour
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 65ml liquid (this could be buttermilk, milk or almond milk. I used almond milk as it was my only liquid left and no one could tell the difference)
  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
  2. Using a mixer on medium speed, cream the butter and sugars till lighter brown and doubled in volume (minimum 5 minutes)
  3. Gradually add eggs, beat for 30 seconds in between addition. Add a little flour if mixture looks curdled.
  4. Add durian puree and beat till well-combined and smooth.
  5. Gradually add the flour and almond milk. Batter should be loose but not runny.
  6. Put into cupcake moulds and bake for 10 minutes for Minis, 20 minutes for normal sized.
  7. Top the cooled cakes with your favourite icing or frosting and enjoy!

20140713-163943-59983863.jpg I packed these little ones for my colleagues into a little box that fit 16 minis perfectly! Do see after the jump for more baking process pictures. 🙂 20140713-163940-59980997.jpg Cream butter and sugars for a minimum of 5 minutes. 20140713-163941-59981702.jpg Add eggs one at a time. Curdled? Never mind, just add a teaspoon or two of flour. 20140713-163942-59982383.jpg Add in Durian Puree. See sides of bowl for evidence. 20140713-163943-59983068.jpg Add in flour, pop into oven, ta-da!!! Hope you loved your cakes as much as I did.:)

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