Sunday’s Feast

How was your Sunday? I had a feast today! My family celebrated my sister’s birthday so for our sunday family lunch we made our way down to Hua Long Fish Head Steamboat in Ang Mo Kio for Chinese Cze Char. We were very excited about this place due to the strong positive reviews online and called days in advance to reserve a Lobster Platter.

20140713-163935-59975590.jpgWe chose a very very warm afternoon to eat in a non-air-conditoned eatery but there were some powerful fans so we were well pleased. We ordered a lot of dishes, all recommended on the internet, and in small portions so we got to try a wide range of dishes. To be honest we were not very impressed with any dishes. None of them were not as memorable as our favourite Kok Sen Restaurant on Keong Saik Street or Penang Seafood Restaurant in Geylang/ Aljunied. While nothing was remarkably bad or disappointing, nothing was also particular outstanding enough for us to return. The Lobster Platter at S$118++ was also a tad overpriced after we saw only one out of the five choices was lobster. Lobsters in Singapore are so embarassingly expensive! Thank goodness it is not the only tastiest shellfish out there.


However the restaurant had some great service and they even used their own polaroid camera to snap a picture for us.


But the most important part of the afternoon was me picking out and trying my first Mao Shan Wang Durian which is in season, finally! There was a little fruit shop next to the coffeeshop and after lunch I dashed a few steps away and made friends with the Uncle selling the fruits. He promised me the durians were good. I am no durian connoisseur and before he opened one to show me the quality of the flesh within, he tapped on the thorny shell with his knife to let me hear the “hollowness”. That is all my durian knowledge. I did hear an audible echo when he tapped on two durians so I know both were ripe but I chose the second as the flesh looked yellower. To further demonstrate the ripeness and quality of the fruit, the durian seller will usually encourage you to try one. Go on, don’t hesitate! I did and the flesh within was a bright highlighter yellow with the texture so so creamy to the point of buttery and a subtle bitterness. Apparently that is the true mark of a good durian or so my parents say when I raced back afterwards with a small box. It was a small durian that cost us $20. We all thoroughly enjoyed the fruit.


After eating two pieces, I was also inspired to bake Mao Shan Wang Durian cakes because if there is anything baking has taught me, it is the freshest ingredients that makes the biggest difference to the end result. Mao Shan Wang Durians are in season so it was now or never! I could not resist getting a small durian home. The durian seller was only too happy to see me go back for more; we are good friends now. 🙂 Today was such an indulgent day and tomorrow I am going back to my green juices!

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