Today is Cleanse Day!

20140715-081233-29553543.jpg Posting this on the way to work. Stay tune as I update further on today’s cleanse and more importantly, drinking thawed cold pressed juices that I bought last week. Does it taste the same? Does it still taste fresh? Update in a bit!

And I’m seriously the most forgetful person on earth! Yesterday something was weighing on my mind the entire day and I couldn’t put my finger onto it. Until late last night when I realised I completely forgot to update a table for registration of a society!!! Gosh YY!! So I’m rushing into work to update it as quick as possible. And also this morning, a long meeting on a book I’m co-writing. I’m gonna need all the green juice energy as possible! Have a good day everyone!

[Update at 10am]


Drinking my second juice as I type this and it is a new flavour for me, Salaryman (Celery, Cucumber, and Green Apple). During my first cleanse, I had the same drinks for all three days and I was very bored to be honest. So last week, I emailed Roger for a change for the three days and they were super sweet. They delivered every single flavour available in the shop. Yayy to efficient businesses! Salaryman is a pretty light green drink that reminds me of lime juice but far from it taste-wise. I am not a big fan of celery so this drink definitely takes some getting used to.

As mentioned earlier, I am drinking defrosted juice. I bought a 3-day cleanse last week but after a day, I felt properly cleansed so I froze the remaining bottles for future post-indulgent days. And as can be seen from my earlier entries, it is actually a weekly affair. I just can’t resist letting go and indulgent once a week! After my heavy durian weekend, I really needed a cleanse so on Sunday, I pulled out some bottles from the freezer and defrosted it safely in the fridge. When I had my first bottle, Krypto, it tasted surprisingly fresh! I have drank expired juices before and there was a strong rancid taste that was not present here. However the solids within did not dissolve as well and there little visible ones floating around. Not exactly the most inviting and I hope it is fine because it definitely taste alright.

[Update at 9.05pm]

Hello hello!! Done with today’s juices and it was surprisingly a breeze! The previous headaches did not make an appearance today and when hunger struck, I quickly drank a juice, to which my belly was satiated. Energy-wise, I was surprised to find myself full of it. I attended two meetings, accompanied my colleagues to lunch where I watched them inhale in fried chicken but was not tempted then accompanied them to the Daily Juice shop where one of them put down an order for a 3 days cleanse beginning tomorrow! (“I just want to get it over and done with”: she said). At the same time, I purchased a small bottle of Nut Mylk as I finished my big bottle in a moment of greediness last week. The tiny Nut Mylk is sooo cute! I shall post the picture in a bit. Ooo and Daily Juice has a new juice called The Dark Knight. It is essentially Nut Mylk with raw cacao and cinnamon added in. I personally preferred Nut Mylk as it had a stronger almond flavour but when I told my friends, they could not help but swoon over the cacao. And more importantly today, I could even joke with my colleagues who dropped by my desk for a quick chat. I am so pleased to have sailed through the day, maybe my body is finally getting used to these juices now. 🙂


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