Bourke Street Bakery, Sydney, July 2013

In Sydney, Bourke Street Bakery is an establishment. I heard so much of this bakery before leaving for my trip and all over the internet their Sourdough bread, Lamb and Feta Sausage Roll, and Ginger Creme Brulee are raved about. Their flagship bakery was located close to my hostel in Central and one very early morning, I walked up some very steep hills deeper into the wealthy neighbourhood of Surry Hills to look for some pastries. But alas I was too early and their famous lamb and feta sausage roll had not arrived. At least their Ginger brûlée Tart was available. I made do with their Ham and Cheese Croissant, Ginger Creme Brulee, and a cup of Black Coffee.

Sitting at their little rundown table, I had the best breakfast ever in a long long time. Their Ham and Cheese croissant arrived flattened having gone through a presser to heat it up. It was flaky and buttery, alright! The crispiness remained until the end and I heard the snaps of the crisp until the very last bite. What a feat for a seemingly simple pastry. The Ginger brûlée Tart was magnificent. First up, the tart shell was not your usual french perfection. It was rustic, not perfect but oh so crispy; simply to die for. And the ginger custard was strong in ginger flavour but not overpowering with hints of the spices coming through. Another magnificent feat. Until today, I still have so fond memories of the delicious bakes from Bourke Street Bakery.

Cheeky baker boys. Told ya the locals were warm and friendly.
Found only in Sydney, I was only too sad to be unable to bring them home for my family as I was going through Melbourne first. However I did make sure it was my last meal in Sydney and the memories remain until today.


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