Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney, July 2013

20131120-180435.jpgThis is long overdue but I must post this epic meal from my trip to Sydney last July. I loved Sydney. Good wintry weather and extremely friendly Australians. These two factors won my heart over and even triumph the good food I had. I still carry fond memories of the city. Momofuku Seiobo was also monumental for me as it was my first ever fine-dining meal. Although I was alone, I was not lonely. The chefs and wait staff frequently came over to check up on me or for a quick chat. I was even recommended to visit The Town Mouse in Melbourne which, after my trip, went on to win Restaurant Awards. The food was, of course, sublime. But the harmonious play between the contrasting textures and flavours surprised and impressed me most. Each dish may have been small portion-wise but after 12 courses, I literally rolled out of the restaurant. I could not even bring myself to get a scoop of the famed Gelato Messina, just a few steps away. Most memorable dishes of the day were the Parson’s Nose (Chicken butt!) and Goat Curd. The Kimchi take home gift was quite funny. My sister fried up some Kimchi fried rice when I brought it back to Singapore.

Smoked potato piped into a buttery pastry tube, served with a sweet green apple gel and powdered, freeze-dried apple


The famous Momofuku Seiobo pork bun was the only and massive disappointment in the whole meal.


Striped Trumpeter with celery leaves and mustard oil

Confit Potato Balls with Parson’s Nose and Watercress. Deep-fried potato balls with fried chicken butt and watercress leaves to cut across the heaviness and provided the much needed refreshing lightness.


 Eel dashi, Turnip, and Radish

Onion, Burnt Leek, and Yolk


Striped Trumpeter with fennel and dill

Pork Neck, squash and Kombu

Goat Curd with a moat of black currant juice and mint oil

Pear Honey Cream and Muntries

Canelé & Kombu Caramel

My view of the open kitchen in Momofuku Seiobo

Me, all delighted and stuffed.20140716-165226-60746202.jpg


One thought on “Momofuku Seiobo, Sydney, July 2013

  1. […] This cafe has always killed it when it comes to desserts and that evening was no different. The boozy Mini Tiramisu were each topped with generous shaved chocolate! Say goodbye to self-control and your waistline because you will not be able to stop at one. I know my colleagues fought a tough battle. One had four(!) of those sweet innocent-looking Caneles. I can’t blame them. Custardy interior paired with a burnt caramelized exterior, it may not be the best I had but was a good effort. (FYI, my best Canele ever was Momofuku Seiobo) […]

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