The Secret’s out! My Salad Bowl @ Golden Shoe Food Centre


This is my third visit to My Salad Bowl which is located on the third floor of Golden Shoe Food Centre. Previously I resisted posting anything here based purely for a selfish reason: the short queue or, on my first visit, the lack thereof. But this afternoon, after my friend pulled out of our lunch appointment, I craved for the salad here and as I approached the stall, there was a lengthy queue!  The secret is out! Disappointing but at least the friendly stall owner remembered me. Nothing beats a personal touch.

If you are familiar with Golden Shoe, there is another popular salad stall on the third floor. A tupperware of greens with five basic ingredients for $4.90 and additional premium ingredients (which are usually the chicken/ tuna/ crabmeat) going for $1 each. Immensely popular, the queue is legendary; it frequently stretches to the stalls opposite. A few weeks ago, I was fed up with the queue of the popular stall so I hunted around the same level and discovered My Salad Bowl just a few lanes down.

Same price, same concept but less ingredients on display. However this stall has some unusually-seen-at-salad-bar ingredients and I absolutely adore this stall for it. Case in point, fish cake. LOVE LOVE LOVE fish cake and this said ingredient at this stall is cubed up so each serving always looks a lot. Fish cakes were my childhood favourite and now my adulthood favourite. It is also safe to say I visit this stall just for it!

Another plus point of this stall for me is the boiled green vegetable option. I had watercress the first time round and it was such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes they have spinach too. The mushrooms here are also appreciatively boiled.

The picture above was my lunch this afternoon. With a flavourful hoisin-sesame dressing, and generous amount of fish cake, it was immensely satisfying lunch!


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