Cheat Day’s dinner at Tomi Sushi, Velocity Novena Square

It was a splendid cheat day which ended on a scrumptious note with dinner at Tomi Sushi; ever reliable for authentic Japanese food. This eatery is about as authentic as one can find outside Japan. Japanese wait staff, filled to the brim with Japanese expats, and like a typical Japanese, they take their food very very seriously. Only KOSHIHIKARI rice is served here. I am no Japanese rice expert but the most striking difference about the rice compared to other Japanese eateries is the fragrant and sticky but still plump rice grains. My usually-waistline-conscious-family always struggles NOT to finish it. Tomi Sushi is also incredibly proud of their separate soy sauces for sushi and sashimi. Apparently both cannot share the same sauce. It is very hard to mess with them.

Tonight I did not need to take note of any soy sauces because I had my heart set on their Unaju don on promotion for $30+. I have been dreaming about this freshwater eel bento since Tuesday when I saw the advertisement on WAttention magazine. When my sharp eye spotted the little box carrying the promotion, I knew deep down inside those grilled eel and I were meant to be together. It will sit very happily in my belly, I was sure. So immediately I rounded up my family and well before our 7pm reservation tonight, we were comfortably seated and ready to ORDER! The three days’ wait was painful so we made it up by ordering our weight’s worth of Japanese food.

For starters, we ordered an Ike Ni Anago Tempura. Fresh anago eel battered and deep-fried until crispy. Instead of a dipping sauce like one would expect from a normal Ebi tempura order, a bowl of large salt crystals accompanied it. Mmmmm.. what’s next?! The lack of instructions did not deter me from using my big fingers to grab a bunch and sprinkle all over the tempura. I love my food salty but I love anago even more.


Oh you guys, whoever knew eel could be so good? When you first bite into it, you will feel the layer of crispy batter then all of a sudden a gush of juicy oily meat fills your mouth. You will be all confused by the sudden change in texture but that delicious meat in your mouth will also excite you. I could not stop exclaiming the wonderfulness of it. All night.


My mother and I ordered the Unaju don and boy did they not disappoint! In our bento boxes, a fat luscious slab of char grilled eel lay ever so seductively on a bed of that prided rice. It was also glistening from the sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce slathered all over. Get out of town, that was food porn right in front of our eyes! Absolutely divine in flavours too.


However I did note the less generous eel. Smaller portion due to a $15 discount? That is fine because less only means more space for dessert. Everyone wins here at Tomi Sushi.

My sister ordered a usually-snooze-fest Tempura Udon except those udon are so freaking addictive. The piping hot tempura was merely for show because those white noodles were cooked to perfection – chewy yet retaining a bite.

Tomi sushi also serves up man-friendly sets. My father ordered the Wafu Steak Gozen. This set had everything and was served in two parts. To begin, were the ebi and vegetable tempura with sashimi.

Then an explosive second part. Get a load of that! My parents loved the char grilled beef topped with deep fried garlic pieces. The little bowl with brown bits next to the pink ombre nigiri sushi was fried salmon skin. Safe to say, my dad was very very stuffed after this.
My brother-in-law ordered a slightly smaller set with his tempura and nigiri sushi platter served with Soba and a vegetable salad with Japanese sesame dressing. Burp!
Finally we had dessert. A light and refreshing Yuzu sorbet that I could taste bits of yuzu rinds.

It was a satisfying cheat day!


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