A sumptuous lunch @ Enoteca L’Operetta


This afternoon, I was taken to Entoca L’Operetta where my companions and I indulged in a three-course fine-dining French delight. All the dishes were rightly seasoned with harmonious contrasting textures and flavours aplenty. What a treat! The restaurant, along Boat Quay, is narrow but long with some unusual art pieces adorning the walls. The seats were luxurious and comfortable! We were led to a table at the very end of the restaurant but right underneath an air-conditioning unit. I was quickly freezing to my bones. I tried to take my mind off the cold by concentraing on the middle-eastern-looking table runner but it was not very successful. In my mind, I was begging to be let out into the unbearably warm weather outside.


When a basket of fresh toasted homemade foccacia bread finally arrived on our table, I nearly yelled out with joy but this is a fine-dining restaurant y’all so I took a slice and channeled my spurt of energy on to the bread in front of me.


This place serves some very fine complimentary bread. This photo was taken at a bad angle because on the other side was cheese baked on top of the bread. This bread was divine and not because it warmed me up very quickly. The salty cheesy crust on top and the bottom were so crunchy but the middle was all herby, soft, tender, and fluffy. Beautiful contrasting textures! I made full use of the spongey middle by moping up all the olive oil and vinegar on my little side plate. You would have thought I haven eaten in a month! It was very hard to resist a second slice but I had three more courses to go so I resorted to staring longingly at the last slice in the basket.  

Next up was a small complimentary plate of salad to further whet our appetite.


Some simple arugula and salad leaves lightly dressed with olive oil and shaven cheese. Cute plate but really, just bring on my lunch…

Which was quickly served… For starters, a Salmon Tartare with Sour Cream


The neatly cubed salmon was marinated lightly in olive oil and was all smoky and salty. Contrasting the tartare was the thick and rich disk of sour cream filled with herbs. Accompanying the two stars of the dish were finely-sliced radish and citrus fruits which provided some sweet tanginess. All in all, a very exciting starter that left me very impressed.

Then the main course arrived and I was blown away by the plate presented before me: Australian Wagyu Beef Tagliata with Potato, Rucola and Rocket Salad.


Don’t the beef slices look absolutely stunning to you?!?! It was an arresting sigh to behold! How could I have ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or go vegan just for a week? Criminal thoughts. Presented on the plate were two types of salt, pepper, a wedge of lemon, and lightly drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar. With these extra DIY seasonings, the main course was no doubt going to be tasty. But all that prettiness, I did not even want to start eating for fear of destroying it but I did and I was glad. The beef was all tender and smoky, and no surprises for the perfectly char grilled beef which resulted in a crusty side. It was a delicious memorable plate. I reckon this course alone was worth the $38++ price tag.

For dessert, a simple Italian Tiramisu.


The portion was tiny and the ratio of mascaporne cream to soaked biscuit was 3:1 but my friends, this dessert was a heartbreaker! The mascaporne cream part was thick, smooth and luscious; it danced in my mouth. The well-soaked savoiardi ladyfinger biscuits had gone all velvety – a deep contrast with the smooth cream; every mouthful picked at my senses. Oh what a delightful dessert! The perfect sweet ending to lunch. 

And at the end of lunch, look what I spotted?!

20140722-141202-51122595.jpgThe tablecloth being ironed straight by a wireless iron. Now, that’s impressive!


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