Kaya French Baguette Toast for Breakfast

kaya french toast This morning was not the day to start with a Protein Smoothie or Green Vegetable Juice because it is Cheat Day!! And I was craving for my favourite jam: Kaya. A sweet coconut-milk-based jam that has been painstakingly boiled down with pandan leaves, sugar and egg yolks.

Kaya Toast is one breakfast I can never seem to grow tired of and always gets me so very excited. Kaya toast is a common Asian breakfast: two slices of toasted white bread slathered with kaya and a thick cube of salted cold butter. The cold fat will melt slowly from the hot toast and liquid fat will ooze all over the plate, if you are an expert. If not, your hands. But who cares if one looks like a hot mess in the morning when you are indulging!

Low nutritious white bread is unabashedly used as it provides the perfect blank canvas for the coconut jam. Plus the bread gets all crusty and crisp when toasted. No whole grain healthy bread allowed. No, no. Nothing must distract you from enjoying the sweet deep-flavored coconut jam.

In the past few years, for me this delightful morning treat has turned from a norm to an occasional treat due to its high calorie constitution. But today is my special day of the week and I was feeling brave and adventurous. At the Coffee Shop, instead of the traditional white bread, I broke tradition and went for a French Baguette Toast. Unfortunately, french baguettes can not beat white bread. The toast was slightly doughier and denser than I would have liked but the edges were still satisfyingly crusty. However the highlight was still the brown kaya; subtle in sweetness and contrasted so perfectly with the salted butter. As I indulged in this toast slowly, the hot bread slowly melted the kaya and cold fat, causing them all to ooze all over the plate – I am an expert y’all! With an ice cold black coffee, cheat day got off to a good start.

And this is the Coffeeshop in Sin Ming where I got my kaya fix.



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