Picnic Dinner at Ballet Under the Stars


It was a wonderful Saturday evening with my family at the 19th edition of Ballet Under The Stars. As it was her birthday, my sister treated us to the Singapore Dance Theatre’s performance at The Fort Canning Green. Between you and me, my family was more excited about the picnic than the performance. Until that evening, none of us inquired about the ballet performance!

The performance began at 7.30pm but my family reached at 6.30pm. I could not help but remark about our eager beaver-ness but there was an incredibly long, albeit fast-moving, queue to get in. Good job, Singapore Dance Theatre! When we walked into the performance area, my jaw dropped.


It was so crowded. As it turned out, my family was not the eagerest beavers…


The crowd must have arrived at 5.30pm?!

As we were pretty “late”, we headed right to the back of the white tents (above picture) and lay down our picnic mat and a plastic table cover for my family of seven adults and one child.

Then we lay out our spread. What a feast! My sister baked Korean Chicken Wings, my parents brought an assortment of takeaway from Dino Cake House and Cafe. For dessert, my eldest sister and brother-in-law got some traditional Chinese dessert soup.


It was Dino’s Fried Rice and Fried Bee Hoon that got us most excited. Weeks before, we were unisonly craving for the Fried Rice which we have been enjoyed since Dino first opened along Upper Thomson Road in 1993(!) My friends, I am so happy to tell to you the Fried Rice was still as fragrant and flavourful as the first day. Ditto the generous amount of ingredients. I turned down dinner during the week with my colleagues just for Dino and oh boy was it worth it! Another notable dish from Dino is the Chicken Pie. Each might be a bit small but packed with a delicious savoury creamy chicken filling encased by a flaky buttery puff pastry. Definitely my newest obsession.

Anyway you might be thinking surely we were not using our individual cutlery, and eating straight from the sharing containers? Oh don’t you worry, we are a hygienic family. See those black plastic container bowls below?


They used to contain takeaway salad from Spinelli but my Dad, who is a mega-fan of the salad, brings them home where they are given a good wash, and are as good as brand new. Those plastic containers are sturdy and tall, they can even hold slices of three-layered cakes! That evening, they served us so well.

And wait a minute, did you not think I would contribute too? Surprise surprise! I got us an assortment of cold-pressed juices from Daily Juice Singapore! The juices were a hit with my family. The cold refreshing drinks came in handy especially during parts of the wind-less stale evening.


Sitting on higher ground meant a lot of enjoyable people watching.


Some groups were pretty smart. They brought make-shift tables (above picture, bottom left). The party next to us brought an English Picnic Basket complete with cutlery and crockery tied to the inside cover of the basket. It was incredible! However I did notice the same party brought Sushi for dinner and ate with chopsticks leaving the cutlery and crockery untouched. Mmh… I’m not sure if the novelty of a picnic basket was worth the effort of lugging the whole shenanigans around.

In front of me, the party started off their evening with a tempting bottle of Bubbly…


Needless to say, I was pretty envious.


I whispered to my second brother-in-law, the only other person in my family who drinks, that next time I am so bringing Gin & Tonic, and he HAS to drink with me. I think that was the only time during the night I was not joking around. Aha.

I just realized I have not mentioned the performance which was better during the second half with the more energetic dance moves and music. However my head was among the clouds and I could not help but admire the low hanging clouds throughout the night.


We had a good time and the picnic made us consider watching another performance. If not for the multiple mosquito bites I suffered that evening, I will make my family go for weekly picnics!


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