Penang Laksa at Mama Chin Nonya Cafe


Guess who did not have fruits for lunch? Me. Yep, unbelievably isn’t it?! Even my cubicle mate asked twice: “Really? Really?” Have I gone off fruits? Not really. I just decided to give my body a break from the healthy food for the day. It is NOT cheat day, for sure. I am still controlling my food intake. In between breakfast and lunch this morning, I just drank tons of lemon water to stay “awake” and in anticipation of the fattening lunch. In the past, I would have reached for an orange. I needed this bowl of noodles today. Yesterday, I found myself nearly caving in to chocolates and unhealthy food, twice. Thus to prevent going “all out”, I thought I would allow myself just an unhealthy lunch to get over it.

This afternoon, the delicious and comforting bowl of Penang Laksa was from Mama Chin. For $7.50, the thick smooth fish broth was brimming with tuna chunks, cubes of sweet pineapple, raw slices of onions, shredded cucumbers, mint leaves, and thick white noodles. A surprising generous amount of ingredients; it seemed like there was more cucumber than noodles. The comforting part was the thick broth with it’s sourish pungent notes. Those red slices of chilli added a welcoming heat. With so many textures and the harmonious balance of flavours, I lapped it all up. Boy was I floating on Cloud Nine thereafter!

At the end, I could not help but remark to the owner that it was so good. He replied, it’s past Ramadan, his cook can now taste. Hah! What honesty!


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