A Durian Party to Celebrate Durian Season!


Apologies for the dark grainy pictures but last night’s feast was so worth updating about. It is Durian season in Singapore, y’all! Actually, it has been for two months but it is never too late to celebrate on this last month. There can be also be no better way to celebrate than get good friends together and stuff our little faces with these babies!

So apparently, it is Durian season because the younger Durian trees bear many more fruits than usual. Hence along the roads, you should see stalls stacked high with thorny varieties. O.k. I am sure you are observant people and have already noticed it, or have you not? 😉 Durians are well-known for its strong odour and that formidable thorn-covered green husk. You either love it or HATE the odour. Luckily for me, people closest to me LOVE it; they find the odour fragrant.

Last night, my dear friend, Jas, kindly hosted a group of six of us at his place. I have known these beautiful people since Law School but recently it has been almost impossible to get us all together at the same time. However we did it last night! It was hard work! It meant one of us could not attend a friend’s birthday party. I have not seen these busy people for ages and was missing them big big time!!! Also, last night we celebrated Jas’s engagement too. Woot woot! Thus an especially special evening.

We dined in Jas’s garden last night. There was a slight drizzled at first but fortunately stopped quickly. AND, obviously, we FEASTED like Kings! We started off the evening with some homemade Samosas accompanied with a delicious Indian mint-coriander-pesto-like dip. I have no idea what exactly was in the dip but it was most addictive! We ate the samosas ever so slowly so that we could spread more dip on it.


Then the real dinner began! Jas drove out to East Coast Lagoon Food Village earlier in the evening, and took away a bunch of the food centre’s best offerings. There were Satay (grilled meat on skewers which I need to rave about below), Popiah (Chinese un-fried vegetarian spring rolls filled with an assortment of shredded turnips, peanuts, chilli, and others), and Otah because he had spare cash on hand.

My friend, Jeh, got us the most DELICIOUS Honey Ribs from BBQ Delight in the food basement of Tampines One shopping mall. O.k. guys, stop what you are doing, and hear me out on these ribs. They were meaty. I am talking about big chunks of meat around each bone. This is almost rare to buy these days unless you buy the raw meat from the wet market and roast yourself. But who has such time these days?! BBQ Delight’s ribs were so succulent, sticky but oily-as-hell, and thanks to the honey, the sweet-salty flavour was so freaking addictive!!! They looked so unappetizing to be very honest – it wasn’t charred brown enough for me. But as you finish gnawing on your first piece, you will realise a second piece is a NEED. Then a third and a fourth… Your hands will be all sticky and delicious and you will be sucking on each finger for that extra bit of sauce. It is almost crazy! 


Now this Satay from East Coast Lagoon was pretty incredible. It is from the famous Haron Satay and now I know, famous for a good reason. We had two flavours: Mutton (the darker colour), and Chicken. The satay was impressive because the respective meat on each stick was meaty-plump and juicy; especially the chicken that was especially tender. Definitely did not feel like I was mostly eating bits of fat. Plus each stick of meat was well marinated. I could see bits of herbs and seasoning on each piece of stick. Not to mention, perfectly grilled.


Accompanying them was that POWER satay sauce, which you can see the bowl in the first picture. It was chock-full of peanuts, deep red and thick. So so thick. It was even good to eat on its own. The rich peanut sauce had us dipping almost everything else into it.

And to be found in all mature, adult gatherings, CHIPS! My friend, Div, brought Grain Wave chips all the way from Australia. Hell yeah were they the most tastiest wholegrain chip!!! Ooo I like the word “tastiest“. It is going to be my new “delicious”.


So anyway about these chips, they were unlike any other. First thing you will notice, the thickness – it was a fat chip. Each chip was also crunchy with a bite from the wholegrain and mix of other healthy stuff. The Honey Soy flavour was perfect with its subtle sweetness. Needless to say, we gobbled up the two packets up in no time.


For dessert, Jas’s Dad went out and got us a generous variety of durians: Buttery creamy Mao Shan Wang, sweet Bamboo (which has triumph MSW and now my favourite), and D24. 

Then we drank Champagne… oh yes because that’s how we enjoy life.

Durian is also highly fattening! Coupled with chips and alcohol… I definitely need to detox! Thank god I made my own juices this weekend. Don’t worry, I am going to post about it in a bit. For now, I need to get ready for family lunch at Pizzeria Mozza. xxx


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