Sunday Family Lunch at Pizzeria Mozza, Marina Bay Sands

With complimentary tickets to the BMW Motor 2014 Show at Marina Bay Sands, it was only natural today’s Family lunch would be in MBS too. For my family, it definitely had to be Pizzeria Mozza. God, we love this place! I have greatly enjoyed this Pizzeria since the week it opened in Singapore. It is pretty impressive that after all these years, the food standard has not dropped one notch.

My family firmly believes in sharing because, you know, sharing is caring! Luckily for me, it means sampling as wide a variety of dishes as possible in a single eatery. Dining with seven adults and one child (who especially LOVES to eat out) usually means a HUGE variety is inevitable. Unfortunately, this afternoon, only half of my family could make it so the quantity was not as mountainous. But don’t worry, we managed to feast like Kings. 

To begin, we painstakingly narrowed down and chose two Antipasti: Meatballs al forno and Fried squash blossoms with ricotta. Both are PM’s stalwarts. I really really wanted the huge plate of Fried pig’s ears with salsa calabrese! Bad luck for me this afternoon because most in my family were going through a healthy phrase. BUMMER. I settled for the smaller-portion Fried squash blossoms. They were a stunner. And they were since I first had them three years back. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! Three freaking years and it is still as crisp and filled with the creamiest herby ricotta.



The Meatballs al forno. Meaty, check! Flavourful, check! Still as satisfying, check check check!


The Antipasti list is much longer than before and I already have grand plans to return and conquer more. That is a promise.

My healthy siblings picked an Insalate: Tricolore with Parmigiano Reggiano and anchovy dressing except ours was single-colore, just Spinach leaves. O.k. now this lemony salad arrived looking nowhere close to being healthy. Those generous shavings of parmigiano reggiano adorned the big crunchy spinach leaves. There were also gold nuggets also known as roasted pine nuts. I worked in a supermarket before and pine nuts are expensive! There was A LOT in this salad.    


We also ordered a no-cheese Panini: Olive oil braised tuna, hard cooked egg, capers & anchovy.


They were not bad but let’s be honest, with the Antipasti and Pizza, this was redundant.


We had two pizzas this afternoon. First to arrive was the inviting Burrata, slow roasted cherry tomato & Sicilian oregano. Now my friends, how beautiful is this?! The cherry tomatoes were so sweet but still balanced out with the rest of the savoury flavours. With the famous blistered, crispy and flaky outer crust and the creamy burrata, HELLO HEAVEN! This was my family’s favourite of the afternoon.


Fennel sausage, panna, red onion & scallions. My favourite. The fennel sausage was especially pungent, and so juicy and tender. It reminded me more of fennel minced pork rather than an addictive-filled meat. But the fennel sausage is also the main reason you will either love or hate this piece.


I always leave this place on a HIGH. Even before I am out their door, I am already dreaming about my next visit. So what should I order on my next visit???


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