The loveliest Peking Duck Pancakes from Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant, UOB Plaza


Today’s lunch saw my close group of colleagues and I hit up Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant to celebrate a birthday. Dim Sum lunches are our favourite way to celebrate birthdays. Usually, we will head to the other Chinese restaurant nearby where the Dim Sum is sublime. But this afternoon, I was put in charge of making reservations and I decided to be adventurous so Si Chuan Dou Hua it was. I was excited. I have never been there before despite going to the other Chinese restaurant five times.

Sadly, the Dim Sum here was unimpressive; definitely uncomparable to the other Chinese restaurant. It lacked the qualities of freshness, exquisiteness, and portions. Why was each Dim Sum piece so small?

However all was not lost. There was a impressive dish that saved the unsatisfactory Dim Sum: Peking Duck.


Served in the traditional Chinese-restaurant-style, a whole Peking Duck was sliced up and both crispy skin and meat portioned into little pancakes. A slice of cucumber and generous spread of dark sweet sauce were wrapped within the doughy pancake skin too.


It was the dark sweet sauce that was the game changer. Thick and rich with the perfect balance of sweet-saltiness. It was so good, the birthday girl had 7 pancakes(!)


Afterwards a plate of the remaining duck meat was served. The duck meat had been stirred fried with dark soy sauce and fragrant spring onions then topped with pine nuts.


The shredded meat was to be wrapped up in fresh lettuce and eaten as a protein style pancake. Most of us skipped this, see the remaining huge spread in the back ground? We were so stuffed by then!


Now I am keen to return to this place for its non-Dim Sum items. Maybe I will have more luck there.


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