Chicken out from Chicken Up! All thanks to me!


So here’s the thing, I am my firm’s Resident Food Buyer. My responsibility is to ensure food is ordered in one evening every fortnight for the Associates’ Drinks Gathering. The original purpose was to provide us with an opportunity for us to drink and mingle. It is actually pretty successful. We are all more relaxed and with my firm spread out over two floors, it is the perfect time for us all to catch up the respective floors’ “gossip”. However these days, thanks to me, it is more about the food then drinks.

My firm gives us a generous budget to order in food. No drinks expenses allowed. Just food. (Drinks are usually donated by whichever colleague is going through duty-free or leftovers from their home cabinets.) When I began work full-time this year, I was really eager about the food. I helped another colleague order in and after a few orders, it dawned on a lot of people that I was pretty good at it hence the role of Resident Food Buyer. You can call me the company’s “Feeder.” Because I sure order in a lot and feed them till they almost explode. And I make sure to keep the food spread exciting and surprising, most of the time. The times that I don’t is because some request for repeats. Every gathering, there will inevitably be food from different cuisines or healthiness.

Thanks to the generous budget, there has also been a lot of adventures along the way. At times the food quantity could be scarily mountainous. For example, S$300 worth of Old Chang Kee(!) With the average sticks at $1 plus, 250 odd sticks of fried food is no joke. When the spread was laid out on the table with curry puffs stacked in piles, it was a frightening sight to behold. It was even more punishing for eaters. Many complained they had to force themselves to stuff as much as they could so as not to waste food. My bad. Lesson learnt. I have never ordered OCK ever since.

However if there is one food that is never a problem quantity-wise: FRIED CHICKEN. No one can ever get enough of it. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen leaves people to jump for joy! 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken, watch them come running!

After a while, I also realised with the budget, higher quality junk food could and SHOULD be ordered. Pizza Hut may be filling and half the menu can be ordered but it is just o.k. Quite frankly, it is not worth the calories. My colleagues work hard and DESERVE better food! For the last gathering, it was Fried Chicken time and I threw caution to the wind by placing an order with Chicken Up from Room Service, the food delivery website.

Located on Tanjong Pagar Road, Chicken Up specialises in nothing but chicken. It has been hailed as one of the best five Korean Fried Chicken in town. The Facebook page has 18,103 likes with 6,753 visits clocked in(!) Being so popular, surely, that says something about its standard. I had to order it in! It is also expensive. The loot in the above picture costs $287. Thank god for my generous firm!

In the picture above, my order was: (L-R and Clockwise) Mild Up Whole Chicken ($39.10), Yangnyum Whole Chicken ($43.70), Leek Whole Chicken (two portions for $80.60), Soya Chicken Wings (two portions for $27.60), and Popcorn Chicken (two portions for $46.00).

Let’s be honest, $43.70 for a whole chicken is pricey but I really must point out that the Yangnyum Whole Chicken was delicious! Each deep-fried chicken piece was HUGE! Like it was GM-fied. However it was the thick red glaze that was the real winner. Generously swathed around each juicy piece, the seemingly-spicy glaze was tame and honeyed with a just a hint of spicy. The sweet-savoury glaze coating the chicken was addictive!

And this was despite me having the chicken for lunch the day after (because I only do dinners once a week.) I popped the fridge-cold leftover chicken into the microwave for a good four minutes till it was steaming hot. When I opened the container lid, the sauce from the chicken smelled heavenly. 

During the gathering, my colleagues remarked that 4 Fingers Chicken was better. I reckon if it was eaten at the restaurant itself, it would have been much tastier. Must note to self to head down to Tanjong Pagar to enjoy it steamingly hot and fresh!


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