A remarkable Double-baked Almond Croissant from Da Paolo Gastronomia


When Da Paolo Gastronomia first launched their Double-baked Almond Croissant, I was both excited and torn. New products are always a cause for excitement but I am absolutely convinced almond croissants are just leftover plain croissants with frangipane poured over it. And the extra sliced almonds and icing sugar on top are usually just for more distraction purposes. Essentially, almond croissants are a baker’s way to minimize wastage. A clever creative way, I must admit. I don’t have a problem with this method of waste minimization but it is always the tough stale croissant underneath that never fails to irritate me.

But the allure of Da Paolo Gastronomia’s bakes are always too much for me to handle. As you may recall, I have an extremely soft spot for their sweet treats.  Often substituting a savoury main meal with one of their sweet bakes. Although I never go for their Cronuts. It is never good enough to justify the price hence the reason I have never blogged about them here.

When I woke up this morning, I just could not stop thinking about this particular croissant. Deep down I knew today was the day I had to get my hands on it. After scoffing down the whole big thing in no time at all, I must say, the Double-baked Almond Croissant was pretty remarkable. It was an almond dream come true.

First things first, it was ugly, alright. There is no beating around the bush here. But the obese-slug-look was due to the generous frangipane poured over it. Hurray for almond lovers like me! The frangipane was definitely tasty with it’s rich almond-y flavour. Its softness contrasted perfectly with the generous sliced almonds. The extra almond frill that engulfed the croissant functioned as a bonus – MORE almonds to enjoy.

I got mine heated up in the microwave before bringing up to my desk to enjoy. I LOVE warm sweet desserts! And the steam on the plastic was most tempting on the way up the lift. 


But what really impressed me most was the tender moist-till-almost-oozy middle of the croissant. The result of more frangipane smeared in the middle. And the textures around the middle was just so damn flaky and crisp. With every bite I took, there was an etheral crunch. Beautiful contrasting textures beneath the frangipane. I was definitely having a good morning.


And those last bit of crumbs and almonds, I gobbled them up, of course!


I got my croissant for $3.80 after a 10% off the usual $4.20 thanks to the American Express credit card. Well worth it!



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