Utterly delicious Wonton Mee from Block 23 Sin Ming Road


I NEED to tell you about this plate of Wonton Noodle I shared with my parents this morning! The perfectly cooked chewy springy noodles with a noticeable bite were sublime. The chilli at the bottom of the plate was so spicy, I exclaimed after my first bite, SHIOK! The freshly deep-fried wontons were almost meatless but who cares as the skin was so crisp and crunchy. My health conscious Dad and I were literally competing for it. An utterly delicious plate!

Despite my parents buying their breakfast from this stall almost every Saturday morning, I have never tried it because quite frankly, Wonton Mee, is so boring. But after trying this stall, my friends, I have bitten my tongue. This stall shares a coffee shop with my favourite Black Carrot Cake and the delicious Fried Yam Cake. Whenever I need to indulge, those will be my go-to dish to order so I have no room for the other two stalls in the same coffee shop. But this morning, the Black Carrot Cake portion was unusually tiny for the three of us so I grabbed a few bites of my Mum’s noodles. It was so good, three of us ended up sharing that plate. Obviously it wasn’t enough so I went back to order the plate in the picture above.

I believe this stall might actually have “turned” me.

Anyway I don’t think this stall has an English name but the chinese name is: 白沙浮有记云吞面. And my Mum is not too keen on me sharing this on my blog as it might get popular and the food will take forever to be served. I love how my Mum thinks my no-more-than-100-views-per-day food blog can be so influential.


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