Potato Head Folk’s new D.O. Double G – So damn good!

This post was initially about my epic feast at Potato Head Folk last Friday night. But I was eating on the third floor bar with dark lighting and all my pictures turned out un-sexy like this:

IMG_3707Still, a post about my order is necessary as it was so worth just looking for a moment at the bad quality, grainy picture. I present to you the new D.O. Double G Hotdog.

IMG_3679The only hotdog on the menu and one of three items introduced to the Burger menu just last week, one would unwrap the wrapper to find a large stunning hotdog with its over-sized beef frankfurter and grill-marked bun. Also stunning to eat, the punchy flavours and textures made for a mighty delicious dinner! I am going to have a very hard time finding hotdogs that can top this.

You probably know by now how enamored I am with this establishment so you might think this will be a biased review. But seriously and objectively speaking, it was very hard for me to find fault with this hotdog. Although the same cannot be said about the watered-down alcoholic drinks but another story, another time.

Anyway back to the hotdog and its incredible elements. The hotdog is made up of “a prime beef frankfurter with miso mustard, ‘Notorious T.O.M. Sauce & crisp onions in a rice hotdog bun“. That toasted rice hotdog bun was quite something; texturally super fluffy and tender. It was like biting into a cloud. The beef frankfurter had this terrific crispy skin with an uber chewy interior. The miso mustard left a pungent aftertaste which contrasted well with the sweet and spicy TOM sauce. Potato Head definitely has a heavy hand with seasoning. I like. If I am going to spend big bucks, it better kick my taste buds in the ass (if it had one).

But if pressed to find fault, maybe there should be have been more of that tasty Notorious TOM sauce and less of those crisp onions. A lot of it fell onto the wrapper and I did not pick them up for fear of looking greedy – wasted!

Back on my third visit last Friday evening, the first two visits to Potato Head had left me wanting for more. Since the second visit, I found myself finding every opportunity to hang out at Three Buns. Luckily the group that I went with on my first visit on its opening day, my colleagues, still had fond memories of the burgers. So for this trip, we rounded up more colleagues, sent out e-mail invites, and patiently waited for Burger O’clock. Ain’t life great with adventurous friends AND good appetites to match??? I still count myself very lucky whenever I find friends who share my similar obsession with food. Then to my joy, a week before our burger appointment, Three Buns expanded their burger menu. I couldn’t have been more excited! I was rushing around my colleagues’ tables alerting them to the new offerings, getting everyone hyped up. In the end, most of my colleagues had the Honk Tonk. The allure of a fried buttermilk chicken was too irresistible. And boy did they enjoy the burger. Especially the buns. My carbohydrate-conscious girl friends could not resist finishing them up.

I am so well pleased the food standard at PTT has not dipped, yet. And now I shall not-so-secretly-now plot my next return. 😉


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