I am running a 42km!

Oh gosh, I keep shouting that out because it is not sinking in yet. But yes, I AM RUNNING THE STANDARD CHARTERED MARATHON!! It is happening on 7th December. I have less than 15 weeks to train and it is super scary given the average training time is 18 weeks. Then there is a 9 day holiday in Europe in the middle with my parents. Bringing along my running shoes is now mandatory.

To be honest, I am a little excited about this run. After a 5km, couple of 10kms, a 15km, and three 21kms, I have always felt I NEEDED that 42km to complete the circle for me. For me to say, ok Running, we are done. Sayonara. I’m only into walking now. I’m only walking from here on now.

But I have always been too lazy and quite frankly, scared, to sign up for a race. And for the longest time, I have always been sitting on it. Until this afternoon, when I was daydreaming of all the yummy food I was going to stuff myself this weekend at Creatory Singapore, my girl friend texted me out of the blue. She asked if I was still running (yes, but very slowly – I left that out ;)) and whether I was interested in running the Standard Chartered Marathon. I said yes. Again I wasn’t thinking much and was still joking. Then she asked we could run together. That’s when things turned serious. She was getting real. After a few “should we, shouldn’t we?!” We promised to sign up together tonight. But less than half hour later, she texted to say her husband has SIGNED UP FOR HER. And she sent over a picture of the confirmation email to prove it. I EXAMINED that picture very closely to detect traces of fraud but no, it was legit! A promise is a promise. I went back to my desk and signed up on the Standard Chartered Marathon website. I was soooo scared the entire time. My hand was literally shaking when I keyed in the credit card details.

To receive the email confirming my place in the Standard Chartered Marathon on 7th December was crazy and still a little unbelievable! Now I have to research about running tricks, plans, and food to eat etc.

This blog might now turn into a fitness blog! O_o

Stay tuned! x


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