Pizza Delivery and an Ice Cream Core-off!

Last night’s drinks gathering with my colleagues was much fun! I ordered in eight pizzas and we finished them all in 20 minutes flat! No leftovers was a first and we were all surprised. For dessert, the ultimate ice cream core-off! Ben & Jerry’s Cores against HäagenDazs Secret Sensations. Much to everyone’s delight, I pulled out five tubs of ice cream purely for devouring purposes. They more than enough to get us all sugar-ed out! No one feeds people like I do, and no one will ever feed them as well as I do. NO ONE, you hear me?

To begin the evening, we pounced on the eight pizzas. The pizzas arrived impressively promptly at 6pm. The delivery man was also so kind by ensuring he carried them all the way to the party table. For sure the service alone trumped the pizzas! You can see from the picture below which company I ordered from. As this won’t be a favorable review, I won’t be typing the name.


It was not that the pizzas were bad. But for the price, $24 to $26 each, it was not outstanding enough to justify the price. The generous consensus among us was that the outer crust was too doughy for our liking. Maybe the pizzas weren’t meant to travel. Maybe it would have been better, more crisp, if consumed at the restaurant. Still last night, the doughy crust, which got tougher when cooled, left little to be desired. A lot of us ladies ate till just before the outer crust, without the toppings, and binned the rest. Another noticeable flaw with the pizzas was the lack of flavour AND seasoning. Flat-tasting pizzas was more like the norm among them all.

Only one pizza stood out. It was the only pizza we could all in unison agree was good: Mushroom Bianco. Consisting of: béchamel, mozzarella, roasted mushrooms and onions, fontina, rosemary, pecorino, truffle oil. The strong truffle flavour and smoky roasted mushrooms really came through. We were drawn to this like bees to honey. It was the first pizza to be finished.

The Ham & Mushroom was forgettable.

From the top: Ham & Mushroom and Mushroom Bianco

However I did have a second favourite this evening: Seafood. Consisting of béchamel, prawns, clams, squid,cherry tomatoes, chilli flakes, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, lemon juice, and shaved garlic, the bechamel base was smooth and creamy. It contrasted beautifully with the, by now, tough crust. A joy to bite into. The fresh seafood toppings helped too.

However the biggest disappointment of them all was the Four Cheese! None of the tomato, mozzarella, fontina, pecorino, parmigiano reggiano came through. Neither were any of the four cheese distinctive – it felt more like a single cheese pizza. Anddd a 4 Cheese pizza without blue cheese?! Horrifying. Blue cheese is MANDATORY in a multiple cheese pizza. I always assumed this flavour would be the easiest to get right and a sure winner tonight. But this pizza company managed to prove me wrong. I sure have a deeper appreciation for a good 4 cheese from now onwards.
From the top: Four Cheese and Seafood

The Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza was essentially a typical Hawaiian pizza with an Asian twist, and chicken instead of ham. The generous and vivid-coloured toppings such as the green chillis and pineapple cubes made me reach for this first. I was expecting punchy flavours. No, it tasted as flat as previously described save for hints of spiciness.

The Meatball with the tomato, mozzarella, veal and ricotta meatballs, fresh basil, provolone, looked good but no one said much about it.
From the top: Meatball and Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

The other two pizzas, the Spotted Pig‘s description managed to trumped the flavour. The great-sounding ingredients of tomato, mozzarella, pepperoni, pork sausage, applewood smoked bacon, and parmigiano reggiano, was lost on me. It did not feel more like random variations of pork being laid onto a tomato paste. Shame. It could have so much potential.

The Broccolini & Sausage again lacked flavour. Consisting of mozzarella, broccolini, pork sausage, chilli, parmigiano reggiano, pecorino, and lemon juice, it was just crunchy. It was sorely missing some salt.

It was terribly disappointing that most of the pizzas lacked astounding flavours or any kind of seasoning. I don’t think I am ordering this pizza brand in again. At the end of the day, when it comes to pizza delivery, Spizza still triumphs. When dining in, Pizzeria Mozza all the way.

Now let’s move on to the exciting part of the evening: An ice cream Core-off! Naturally, dessert got everyone buzzing!

Days ago, I was giving a serious thought on how to make the Drinks Gathering more fun instead of just throwing food on the table. Then I thought about the Ben & Jerry’s new range and how HD ALSO has two flavours with puddles of gooeyness within. That was it, I sent out an email setting up a core competition between the two brands.

IMG_3777When we cleared the pizza boxes from the table, I pulled out the five tubs. HD ice cream tubs were surprisingly hard to get hold of in Raffles Place. I went to three 7/11s and failed to find any. In the end, I had to get them from the Fairprice closest to my place, and bring them to work in a small cooler bag. There are only three Ben & Jerry’s core flavours in Singapore. Terrible considering B&J UK has some amazing-sounding combination. But let’s not dwell on the what could have been.

From left to right: HD Secret Sensation Creme Brulee, HD SS Chocolate Fondant, B&J That’s My Jam, B&J Salted Caramel, B&J Hazed and Confused

The B&J surprised me as they were not overwhelmingly sweet like the “normal” flavours. My favourite out of the three was That’s My Jam. Chocolate & Raspberry Ice Creams with Fudge Chips & a Raspberry Core. The raspberry core was the highlight. It was sharp and tangy – a wonderful contrast with the sweet chocolate and raspberry ice creams. The chocolate fudge chips was generous and was quite mild. It did not compete with the tartness of the jam core. All in all an outstanding balanced creation. I preferred the Salted Caramel to the Hazed & Confused only because the salted caramel core was seriously salted. It achieved what it set out to do. The Hazelnut fudge core was lost on me. The lack of contrasting flavours made it a monotonous tub.

There were two flavours this evening: Chocolat Fondant and Creme Brûlée. The Chocolat Fondant was overwhelmingly chocolatey. There was both chocolate ice cream, sauce and brownies in the mix. Simply indulgent. If you are a chocolate lover, no other ice cream will ever trump this flavour. The intensity of the chocolate ice cream as well as the lusciousness AND intensity of the chocolate sauce is a chocolate dream come true! The Creme Brulee Crème Brûlée has a vanilla ice cream with crunchy bits of caramel biscuit. Just like the crispy top on a traditional Crème Brûlée. Then just like the chocolate fondant one, there’s a saucy caramel centre. The bomb!

In the end, there was NO clear winner. I know, what a downer. Haagen-Dazs does some seriously good ice cream but the B&J Core range was pretty impressive too. We all had so many favourites. >_< 


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