Day 2 of Creatory Singapore

So I came home from the second day of Creatory Singapore with two regrets: a) going at 3.30pm was a mistake! Most of the food were sold out; and b) snacking excessively beforehand was another big mistake because it left my tummy no room for the evening’s scrumptious BBQ grubs from Artichoke/ South East Sliders like these:

Northern Thai BBQ Chicken Wings and Pork Belly, all topped with Papaya Peanut Slaw and Smoked Chilli Relish.

Or Hombre Cantina‘s Tacos complete with a DIY condiments station.


Why Miss YYC, why did you have to be such a piggie in the morning?!?!

Note to self: study the programme intently days before and plan carefully!

I arrived on Day 2 of Creatory Singapore Festival with a vengeance to eat those my tummy refused to allow yesterday. To my delight, there were new pop-ups! The popular food truck, the Travelling Cow, and Italian restaurant, Marco Marco, took over the space of Kerbside Gourmet and Sons Bacaro respectively. 

The Travelling Cow, famous for their ramen burger, offered something different. Some sounded good but Chocolate coated Sweet Potatoes… mmmh, no thank you.

IMG_3920I went for their I-have-only-seen-in-Chocolat-the-movie, Roast Beef and Chocolate Sandwich. Not kidding! CHOCOLATE shavings were sprinkled on slices of roast beef in a red wine gravy, then stuffed into a white bun.

IMG_3922The dish could have been magical but sadly the white sandwich roll failed it. I would have loved for a higher quality bun – it was one tough carbohydrate! It only made me miss Park Bench Deli’s epic BAO sandwich rolls from yesterday. But the fillings were pretty impressive. Tender slices of roast beef that surprisingly complimented the richness of the chocolate. If the red wine gravy was a bit more seasoned, it would have been more balanced with the sweetness of the chocolate.

Later to use up all our credits, we spent it on an improvised Meatball Sandwich with Mole Sauce.

IMG_3958This food truck had some brisk business going on. When all their usuals sold out, they grabbed their meatballs, originally on a pizza, and stuffed it into the sad buns. Definitely not the best sandwich in the festival but the chunky meatballs with the thick and rich mole sauce was not bad.

Italian restaurant, Marco Marco offered an Italian-Asian pasta menu. When we arrived, we saw a lot of people walking around slurping noodles from bright yellow bowls. After we bought, we realised for a good reason. IMG_3944The last and only bowl of noodles available, The Malacca, was delicious!

IMG_3947The pasta was cooked to perfection – al dente. The beef fillet cubes may have been inconsistently tender but that creamy rendang sauce was tasty! Rich with the flavour of laksa leaves and sweetness from the onions. It was an unforgettable bowl of noodles.

After reading rave reviews on Instagram, I decided to give Charlie & Co. a try. With an extremely friendly and enthusiastic vendors, it offered only one item, Classic Wagyu Beef Sliders. However there was a choice from four sauces. IMG_3938

IMG_3940We went for the Aioli. And they run out of their sesame-studded burger buns so they improvised with tiny baguettes. Mine were cold and uninspiring. But the well-packed beef patty, although was cooked to medium, was still juicy and tender plus flavoured with a ton of herbs. 

IMG_3943And I finally got to try one of my favourite bar, 28HKS‘s, offerings! Yesterday’s The Library’s drink was so strong, I had to limit myself. 

IMG_3937All four cocktails offered sounded amazing but we got the most popular of the festival, and certainly the most impressive looking, The Amazing Iceman.

IMG_3928IMG_3932It was an impressive albeit pricey drink at $12 for the small cup. However this little drink was lethal in alcohol and stuffed with goodness like pineapples, sago jelly and other chewy jelly pieces; unsurprisingly delicious! 28HKS’s cocktails always gives me so much satisfication. It never fails to make me smile and glad I am no teetotaler.

IMG_3934When I was walking around, I was shocked to find so many eateries such as Park Bench Deli, South East Sliders, and Prepaparazzi sold out and closed shop! I was so glad yesterday I was such an eager beaver. At least then I got to eat most of festival’s best! Another note to self: waiting for the stalls to set up and get ready beats no food anytime.

IMG_3957In my opinion, Creatory Singapore Vol 1 was a success and totally worth the $36 weekend entrance pass. Sure, it was imperfect. There are certainly a lot of rooms for improvement such as inadequate retail shopping for people to use up the credits. Or underestimating the turnout – stalls selling at 3-4pm is quite disappointing, to be honest. However to bring together Singapore’s most creative brands under one roof was a brilliant initiative! After this weekend, I am now a humongous fan of food festivals. Sampling a wide variety of, often wacky, food at one event is just so damn exciting. What’s next?


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