Sexy Lobster Roll on Payday, The Market Grill

Coughing out $45++ for a Lobster Roll is not something I do, or to be done, on a regular basis. But when it is payday, you splurge on a sexy one. My friends, please. Only a sexy one will do.


The Market Grill delivered this Lobster Roll tonight with strong grilled score marks on the soft buttery brioche roll. If this ain’t sexy enough for you, I do not know what else could ever be.


The brioche roll was crispy on the outside, dreamily tender within. The huge lobster pieces, coated in thick Mayo-based dressing, were cooked to perfection. Devoid of any rubberiness. Satisfaction guaranteed. It took me a lot of willpower not to finish and take away half of it. For my parents, research purposes. We need to compare with Burger & Lobster in London come October.

Before lobster heaven commenced, we began the evening with deep-fried Cod Croquetas. Exteriorly crunchy, interiorly filled with shredded fish. Almost perfection.


Onion matchsticks. Light, shatteringly crisp fried red onions. This was Perfection. But be careful, they are very addictive. Plan to exercise this off beforehand. I went home and worked out to this after. 


Crispy Pig’s Ear. Don’t bother ordering this. Pizzeria Mozza does a spectacular version of this pork body part.


My friend’s hulk-like Burger. Beef patty + bacon. It was a calorific winner.


Then we ordered two desserts. The first, an Apple Crumble – disconcerting HUGE raisins. Crumble wasn’t buttery and impressive enough. Still it could not beat the letdown of the pig’s ears. Plus never mind about this dessert because…


… Desserts 2: Warm Walnut Brownie was the perfect finish!



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